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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
"...While the music lasts" : the timeless moment in the modern quest for unity1971Beamon, Glenda WardStudentEducation, UNCG
«En música italiana / y castellana en la letra». El camino hacia la ópera italianizante en e...2008Lopez Alemany, Ignacio FacultyLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium chloride : effect on neurospora crassa1970Wallace, Donna GaleazziStudentBiology, UNCG
The 24-hr. recall and its application with an elderly population1977Sweeney, Catherine GreenwoodStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The ability of a basal ration to alleviate biological changes in rats resulting from previou...1965Scott, Alice SmithStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The ability of career maturity indicators to predict interest score differentiation, consist...1992Usher, Claire Jo HamiltonStudentEducation, UNCG
The absorption and dispersion of sound waves in polyatomic gases1971Creech, Harold W.StudentPhysics, UNCG
Abstract organic structures1975Blanchard, Scott HaydenStudentArt, UNCG
Abstraction of bilingually-presented ideas1975Wildman, Hal EliStudentPsychology, UNCG
Academic governance, freedom, tenure, and due process at East Coast Bible College : a develo...1984Oxendine, Sammy RayStudentUNCG
Academic success and resiliency among low-income African American male students1992Witty, Janeen PaigeStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
The acceptability of reconstituted sweet potato flakes1974Silance, Mary FrancesStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Acceptability of selected convenience chicken products1974Farthing, Mary Ann CrossStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The acceptance of certain programs and services by two groups of parents of toddlers1958Allen, Sarah HoltStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The acceptance of certain programs and services by two groups of parents of young children1958Harris, Joyce LeeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An accommodation of intuitively combined images employing objects with constructed forms1969Rogers, Joseph ShepperdStudentArt, UNCG
The Accounting Office Interface: Syracuse University1992Bazirjian, Rosann V.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
The accuracy of self-appraised health knowledge of selected college students in eight specif...1977Phillips, Frederick RoyStudentEducation, UNCG
Achievement in North Carolina history in the state as measured by objective tests : grade si...1929Terry, Bessie StudentEducation, UNCG
Achievement motivation of general students and selected women in sport1974Anderson, Norma JeanStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Achievement orientation, self-confidence, and attributions of female collegiate tennis playe...1989Gold, Ginger LeeStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Activities, interests, and needs of junior high school students in North Carolina with impli...1969Flowers, Linda BertaStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The adaptation of an exemplary curriculum model : implications for the Department of Communi...1982Hammond, Clifton HenryStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adaptation of a moral judgment interview for a pen and paper test1974Schwarz, Madge TwiggsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adaptation studies in residue pitch1976Hall, Joseph WaltonStudentPsychology, UNCG
Adaptations from Russian literature for upper elementary grades1946Huffman, Edith StudentEducation, UNCG
Adaptive and interpretive recruitment strategies of five small liberal arts colleges1985Carter, Charles MillsStudentEducation, UNCG
Addressing counselors' personal issues in supervision : perceived impact of experience level...1992Sumerel, Marie BellamyStudentEducation, UNCG
Adequacy of lighting in the home study areas of junior high school students in Greensboro, N...1974Cuthbertson, Ann StatonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adequacy of preparation in undergraduate home economics education from 1958-1967 at the Univ...1968Mullen, Jean YvonneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adjustments in open space and storage space divisions expressed by twenty homemakers who liv...1962Davis, Carolyn JaneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Administrative revenge1987Phillips, James BruceStudentEducation, UNCG
An administrative review of an early reading intervention1996Hedrick, Denise EverhartStudentEducation, UNCG
Adolescent literature as a useful addition to today's curriculum1989Durway, Flo Ellen DennyStudentEducation, UNCG
Adolescent mothers['] perception[s] of their infants and quality of mother-infant interactio...1985Adams, Virginia WatsonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adolescent suicide : the role of the public school1987Hollar, Cleve CordellStudentEducation, UNCG
Adolescents' purpose in life and engagement in risky behaviors : differences by gender and e...1994Sayles, Martha L.StudentEducation, UNCG
Adolescents' self evaluations : the influence of exposure to self evaluations of others1973Bishop, Cynthia LeonardStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The adsorption of disperse dyes on powdered activated carbon1975Hall, Seymour GeraldStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Adults who were adopted as older children1983Powell, John Y.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Aeschylus' Agamemnon : a translation1966Derkics, Dorothy J.StudentClassical Civilization, UNCG
Aesthetic and technical matters concerning the Japanese woodcut technique1965Ingram, Virginia StudentArt, UNCG
Aesthetics of sport : a metacritical analysis1977Wulk, Nancy GayleStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
After-school activities and care arrangements of early adolescents : an exploratory study1991Bey, Kathleen AnneStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Age, physical activity patterns, estrogen levels and central circulatory responses of postme...1986Morocco, Kathleen M.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Aggressive and nonaggressive children : the relationship between affect, perceptions and the...1995Klumb, Donald E.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Aging and selective attention to location and color : visual event-related potentials1988Schroeder, Mary MarvinStudentPsychology, UNCG
Alexander Herzen : a study1959Long, Jacqueline StudentHistory, UNCG
Alienation and self-concept of male high school basketball players1971Gailus, Janet ElaineStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
All roads lead to the same city1971Harris, Deanna JeanStudentEnglish, UNCG
Allusions in Ernest Hemingway's The sun also rises1971Edmondson, Sylvia NelsonStudentEnglish, UNCG
"Alpha to Omega"1976Wilson, Margaret ElizabethStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Altered wheel thrown forms1973Ferree, Joseph MichaelStudentArt, UNCG
Alternative compensation method : a theoretical reward system model incorporating adult-life...1991Snyder, Richard HarryStudentEducation, UNCG
Alternative patterns and values of play, games, and sport in America1979Brightman, Dorothy LouiseStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Alternative reinforcement and resistance to change1991Tota-Faucette, Mary ElizabethStudentPsychology, UNCG
Alternative schooling in North Carolina, 1977-19811982Gravely, Etta Christine LeathStudentEducation, UNCG
Ambiguity as a positive value : The golden bowl by Henry James1971Singh, Susan AndressStudentEnglish, UNCG
America's China trade : a framework for linking the history profession with social studies c...1987Bond, Elizabeth BatemanStudentEducation, UNCG
American conceptualization of Asian martial arts : an interpretive analysis of the narrative...1996Yang, Jin BangStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
American dusk1977Childers, David ChristianStudentEnglish, UNCG
The American immigrant in fiction1963Hicks, Gayle VenableStudentHistory, UNCG
American landscape constructions1978McClain, William J.StudentArt, UNCG
The American opera singer and the German opera system1993Martin, William R.StudentMusic, UNCG
The American vocabulary, the colloquial style, and the oratorical mode : influences on Whitm...1975Taylor, Lucie G.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Analogies to the Cantor-Schro¨der-Bernstein theorem1973Davis, Lynne MarieStudentMathematics, UNCG
Analogy as Pedagogy: Using What Students Already Know in Library Instruction [Slides]2018Murphy, Maggie FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
An analysis and comparison of the choreographic processes of Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, a...1978Zupp, Nancy ThornhillStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
An analysis and evaluation of the professional literature on pupil participation in elementa...1946Wortham, Frances FosterStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis and evaluation of reading readiness experiences described in the professional li...1945McNairy, Julia MasseyStudentEducation, UNCG
Analysis and interpretation of The innocents and The turn of the screw1970Neely, Newton C.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Analysis and interpretation of Rashomon1972Su, Kwang HwaStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
An analysis of achievement motivation and motivational tendencies among men and women colleg...1976Fodero, Joseph M.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
An analysis of the anthropometric measurements of the U.S. navy male recruit in order to imp...1985Ranieri, Richard A.J.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
An analysis of board of education/superintendent relationships in the area of public school ...1986Renn, Michael ThomasStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of Chief Justice Burger's influence in Supreme Court cases affecting public educ...1980Buckner, Kermit G.StudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of cognitive style, grade level and spatial sequencing during LOGO mastery1989Easton, Charles EdwardStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Analysis of color center thermoluminescence in KCl crystals1972Miller, Robert LeeStudentPhysics, UNCG
Analysis of the concept of movement education in American elementary school physical educati...1987Hudgens, Vivian AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
An analysis of court decisions involving injuries to participants and spectators in youth sp...1988Appenzeller, Herbert ThomasStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
An analysis of distributive education students' attitudes toward their classroom instruction...1964Rountree, Wallace DanielStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the duties performed by public high school head athletic coaches1977Smith, Jean CarolStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The analysis of enrollment patterns and student profile characteristics at a small rural New...1990Holmes, Margaret LouiseStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
An analysis of the feminine image and various sport images of competitive college women swim...1974Lewis, Jane BrownStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
An analysis of the ghost motif in some nineteenth and twentieth century short stories1952Poplin, Elizabeth StudentEnglish, UNCG
Analysis of gloss values of unpolished and polished floor surfaces and finishes1966Rose, Mary EllenStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Analysis of home kitchens as the basis for planning some effective learning experiences for ...1955Shuford, Valeria JacksonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An analysis of the impact of Public Law 94-142 state regulation changes upon selected role a...1987Teague, Janet HarbinsonStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the intergenerational patterns in two African-American families1980Tuck, Inez StudentHome Economics, UNCG
The analysis of James B. MacDonald's "A transcendental developmental ideology of education" ...1984Swider, Antony StudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of mathematical skills of eighth-grade pupils in certain schools of Greensboro, ...1948Lael, Frances RhyneStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of performance evaluation programs for certificated personnel in fifty-one selec...1975Cardwell, Carolyn McBrydeStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the personalities of ten Burlington, North Carolina, teachers conceded to be ...1948Lane, Ada MaeStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the planning process used in a regional approach to establish secondary-posts...1990Phillips, Patricia LaymanStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the potential of the community education process for changing the K-12 curric...1979White, Bonnie ProctorStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of the production of Aurand Harris's The brave little tailor1976Carlson, Martha CassandraStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
An analysis of the qualifications of the mathematics instructors and of the content of the m...1972Sharrock, Ruth YoungbloodStudentEducation, UNCG
Analysis of the relationship between specified clothing profiles and selected demographic va...1978Terry, Lucille MildredStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An analysis of reported behavior in grades 3, 5, and 7 of students who were in three class s...1996Hibbs, Ballard FrankStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of sleep deprivation factors and consequences of staying awake in the stimulus c...1976Tokarz, Thomas PeterStudentPsychology, UNCG
An analysis of Smith v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County : the impact on home ...1991Tippett, Deborah TunstallStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
An analysis of the social behavior of developmentally disabled children1975Yelton, Ann RubinsohnStudentPsychology, UNCG
An analysis of student leaders in junior high school1950Smith, Odell VirginiaStudentEducation, UNCG
An analysis of three non-objective choreographic techniques1976Byrum, Mary CarolynStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
An analysis of the use of height in the prose fiction of Albert Camus1974Gladsky, Rita HolmesStudentRomance Languages-French, UNCG
Analytic functions and complex integration1971Lin, Ying MeiStudentMathematics, UNCG
Analytic path model of joint decision-making by husbands and wives1988Waldruff, Douglas LeeStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
An analytical study of the evaluation processes of student teachers and their use as instrum...1950Hunt, M. LouiseStudentEducation, UNCG
Andrew Marvell : the most eclectic poet1964Thomas, Carolyn FayStudentEnglish, UNCG
Anger following provocation in individuals with psychopathic characteristics1996Steuerwald, Brian LeeStudentPsychology, UNCG
Angles between subspaces in two-way designs1976Kendall, Allen ClementStudentMathematics, UNCG
The angry woman poems1971Feeney, Mary MargaretStudentEnglish, UNCG
Animal environments1970Rogers, Nanette MizeStudentArt, UNCG
Anionic homopolymerization studies of methyl vinyl sulfone1971Jotikasthira, Suebsthira StudentChemistry, UNCG
An annotated bibliography of Lope de Vega : studies and editions: 1963-19691972McLeod, Melinda FolgerStudentRomance Languages-Spanish, UNCG
An annotated catalog of the publications of certain North Carolina state departments for use...1946Shamburger, Pearl GordonStudentEducation, UNCG
Anomaly1974Powell, Ruth AnneStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Antecedent factors associated with late birthtiming decisions of dual-career couples1985Soloway, N. MaxineStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The antecedents and correlates of the use of self-care for school-age children1989Cole, Cynthia MaeStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Anticipatory experiences leading to competence with formal maps1948Gibbs, Mary EllenStudentEducation, UNCG
Antithesis1969Frankel, Lora StrasserStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Appearance and resilience characteristics of selected carpeting following serviceability tes...1970Thomas, Shirley AnnStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An application of forecasting techniques for a small geographical area1977Spainhour, Larry SamuelStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
Application of Gray's theory of personality to the DSM-III-R personality disorders : multiva...1993Farmer, Richard FrancisStudentPsychology, UNCG
Application of linear programming techniques to minimax approximation1969Evans, Mary ElizabethStudentMathematics, UNCG
The application of an optimal decision-making model within a higher education subsystem1977Cooper, Dale CornishStudentEducation, UNCG
The application of the principles of reality therapy on the student teaching experience : a ...1983Babcock, Treva MaeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Application of scaling techniques to data on value orientations1953Maney, Ann C.StudentSociology, UNCG
The application of Section 1983 to teacher freedom of speech from Pickering to the present1988Pate, Gary DeWeeseStudentEducation, UNCG
The application of a theoretical model of intergenerational helping to the older adult-sibli...1985Suggs, Patricia KaylorStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Applications of ion-selective electrodes1976Guanci, Joseph J.StudentChemistry, UNCG
Applications of mosaic design for today's home1976Hite, Doris RossStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Appraisal of gloss and slipperiness of resilient floor covering materials1963Penn, Janice CaroleStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Appraisal of home economics teachers' ability to apply three basic concepts of home economic...1962Clawson, Barbara NelleStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An appraisal technique utilizing the cloze procedure for selecting general business instruct...1980Spellman, Davesene WigginsStudentEducation, UNCG
An approach to characterization in Chaucer1977Baumgaertner, Marcia AnneStudentEnglish, UNCG
An approach to directing America hurrah by Jean-Claude van Itallie1970Burroughs, James BenjaminStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Approach to landscape painting1976Connelly, Frances S.StudentArt, UNCG
An approach to relieving anxiety in the mathematics classroom1979Kitchens, Anita NarvarteStudentEducation, UNCG
Aquatics leadership as perceived by African American and European American aquatic leaders1995Wiesner, Ruth Ann HoodStudentEducation, UNCG
Arab children's play as a reflection of social interaction patterns of their culture1976Khouri, Lorraine MaryStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The archetypal dark woman in Hemingway's fiction : the American bitch versus the European da...1969Wyche, Lois MooreStudentEnglish, UNCG
Archetypal patterns of the romance in The damnation of Theron Ware1968Hagen, William HenryStudentEnglish, UNCG
Areas of conflict in living arrangements of three-generation families1970Buckley, Katherine IsabelleStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Areas of study pertinent to interior designers based on interviews with twenty-seven interio...1966Hoffman, Lucy RamseyStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Arousal level and voluntary alpha control1977Sadler, Roberta RayStudentPsychology, UNCG
Art and religion in W.B. Yeats : the poet and the saint1965Pannell, Joan RowenaStudentEnglish, UNCG
Art as idolatry or sacred possibility : a hermeneutic study of art education1987Wright, Sylvia JeanStudentEducation, UNCG
The art of fantasy : etchings1971Schnabel, Audrey GraceStudentArt, UNCG
Art, sketchbooks, and knowing : a case study1991Rauch, Kristin StudentEducation, UNCG
Arthur L. Kopit and Oh Dad, poor Dad, Mama's hung you in the closet and I'm feelin' so sad1970Pilkington, Edward L.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Artistic integrity in Woodstock1970Williams, Kay PhillipsStudentEnglish, UNCG
The artist's emotional response to environment as reflected in painting1952King, Wilma LillianStudentArt, UNCG
The Asheville Doctoral Program : portrait of an off-campus venture1987Radford, Eleanor RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
Aspects of numerical analysis relative to computing1973Arthur, James DouglasStudentMathematics, UNCG
Assertion in women's intercollegiate tennis singles1979Shelton, Janice CaroleStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Assertive discipline : portrait of an effective elementary school discipline program1988Garrett, Elizabeth Anne GentryStudentEducation, UNCG
Assessing dietary change among participants in the "Diet and health study of colon adenomas"...1994McAuliffe, Colleen AnneStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Assessing the effects of socio-demographic, social-psychological, socio-cultural, organizati...1989Hall, LaCheata GravesStudentEducation, UNCG
Assessing faculty commitment at four doctoral-granting universities1988Harshbarger, David BruceStudentEducation, UNCG
Assessing grief, depression, and coping behaviors of women participating in in vitro fertili...1991Lukse, Michelle PrinceStudentEducation, UNCG
An assessment of anxiety in instrumental and vocal performances1980Hamann, Donald LeeStudentMusic, UNCG
The assessment of classroom teachers' ability to provide quality instruction in movement edu...1974Bressan, Elizabeth StetsonStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The assessment of dance movement satisfaction of elementary age children participating in a ...1988Sanders, Gary E.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
An assessment of decision-making processes in dual-career marriages1983Kingsbury, Nancy MorganStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An assessment of the effects of feedback on the performance standards of type A and type B c...1986Cook, Alan RichardStudentPsychology, UNCG
An assessment of hands-on activity-based science for summer school remediation1993Sturdivant, Leon HarlieStudentEducation, UNCG
An assessment of the interest of executives of manufacturing firms in employer-sponsored chi...1971Wall, Jean GriffithStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Assessment of physiological, biomechanical and structural correlates of age-related differen...1995Craib, Mitchell WellsStudentHealth and Human Performance, UNCG
An assessment of the preparation of North Carolina public school music teachers in performan...1980Gilchrist, Charles HermanStudentMusic, UNCG
An assessment of the relationship between institutional planning, resource development and i...1989Wilson, Bryan WadeStudentEducation, UNCG
An assessment of shiftwork effects on job/family management and role strain in dual-earner c...1986Burston, James LutherStudentHome Economics, UNCG
An assessment of the social behaviors of depressed children1989Romano, Barbara AnnStudentPsychology, UNCG
The Association Between Discontinuing Hormonal Contraceptives and Wives’ Marital Satisfactio...2014Baker, Levi R. FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Asymmetry in internal dialogue, core assumptions, valence of self statements and counselor t...1991Stanley, Paula HelenStudentEducation, UNCG
At my work1969Yun, Jin SookStudentArt, UNCG
"At a time like this" : a play in three acts1957Parks, Helen MarieStudentEnglish, UNCG
An attempt to predict success in a vocational rehabilitation program1967Rice, David P.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The attempted construction and validation of a test for scientific aptitude1958Boyd, Nancy TharringtonStudentPsychology, UNCG
Attempts at the formation of a European system for the preservation of peace in the seventee...1948Funderburk, Nancy BeamStudentHistory, UNCG
Attending the show alone: adventures of a female audience ethnographer2020Rossi, Amanda StudentDance, UNCG
Attention-related evoked potential correlates of precortical gating in the human visual syst...1987Harding, J. MichaelStudentPsychology, UNCG
Attitudes of cooperating teachers toward their role in the teacher education program at the ...1969Griffin, Gwendolyn KellerStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes of regular classroom teachers toward the integration of students with visual impai...1980Roscoe, Bruce K.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes of selected groups toward quality and selected aspects of education provided by co...1977Evans, Dorotea LugaricStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes of selected high school boys towards girls playing on boys' interscholastic teams1972Jaffie, Charlene K.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Attitudes toward feminism : the development of a measurement scale1972Richey, Lona T.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes toward feminism and patterns of family economic decision-making1976Godwin, Deborah D.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes toward mastectomy : the development of a measurement scale1977Heyl, Margaret Adair RountreeStudentEconomics, UNCG
Attitudes toward musical activities among North Carolina high school band students with dire...1983Head, Jerry StudentMusic, UNCG
Attitudes toward physical activity and self-perceived body image of selected black high scho...1975Hudgens, Vivian AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Attitudes toward physical activity held by selected students and secondary school teachers o...1974Pafford, Joan M.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Attitudes toward rayon as an apparel fiber : as expressed by department store resident appar...1979Campbell, Fred HammondStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Attitudes toward women among selected undergraduate students representing various fields of ...1976Margolis, Ellen S.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The attitudinal and physical relationships of man to the motorcycle as a problem in painting...1970Fox, John BenjaminStudentArt, UNCG
An audio-visual educational program adapted to the specific needs of the seventh, eighth, an...1948Freeman, Mary WhitfieldStudentEducation, UNCG
Aural music theory competencies required of music majors at the end of the freshman year and...1974Bragg, Mary AliceStudentMusic, UNCG
An autobiographical approach to the creative process and to my creative work1953Smith, Eugene TaftStudentArt, UNCG
Autobiography as a way of knowing : a student-centered curriculum model using Maya Angelou's...1987Williamson, Marie SolomonStudentEducation, UNCG
The Autolite case : an economic analysis of a vertical merger and potential competition1973Gurley, Frank RichardStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
An autoradiographic analysis of mitotic activity in imaginal wing discs of drosophila virili...1971Hunt, Linda-Margaret StudentBiology, UNCG
An awareness of our own reality1976Fey, A. MichaelStudentArt, UNCG
Babeuf : a Communist in a non-Communist conspiracy1967Kanipe, Esther SueStudentHistory, UNCG
The background experiences and current status of women intercollegiate basketball coaches in...1974Klock, Gail PatriciaStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Backward detection and discrimination unmasking : suppression or cueing?1992Shilling, Russell DwightStudentPsychology, UNCG
Badminton skill tests for the smash and overhead drop shot1972Besner, Patricia R.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Balance and counterbalance in Andrew Marvell's pastoral poems1977Allen, Anne Kimberly BrysonStudentEnglish, UNCG
The band music of Don Gillis : an annotated catalog1991Fry, William EnricoStudentMusic, UNCG
The banking industry in North Carolina, 1955-1975 : a discussion of its changing structure1976Salmony, Edith RichardsStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
Baptists and religious liberty in the U.S.S.R.1971Stewart, Elliot BrownStudentHistory, UNCG
The barebones parliament1966Rakama, Washington Z.W.StudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
Basic skeletal and interior forms1971Lambert, Dennis KeithStudentArt, UNCG
A basketball skill test for college women1969Lambert, Ann ThomasStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
"Be as God?"1972McGilliard, Kathleen LynetteStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The beauty of paradox : Mansfield Park and Christianity1977Love, Donna SniderStudentEnglish, UNCG
The behavior therapy systems of Joseph Wolpe and Hans Eysenck1967Rice, Shelby StudentPsychology, UNCG
Behavioral and humanistic curriculum models : a dilemma-reconciliation approach1981Rhodes, Patrick LawsonStudentEducation, UNCG
Behavioral contrast : distribution of responses and time in a two-component multiple schedul...1974Hughes, Ronald GrangerStudentPsychology, UNCG
Behavioral contrast and decreasing preference for a multiple-schedule component with reduced...1970Newsom, Crighton DowdStudentPsychology, UNCG
Behaviorally anchored rating scales for principals : a developmental approach to evaluation1980Moon, Brenda KimbleStudentEducation, UNCG
A behaviorally based appraisal of coaching performance in women's athletics at Michigan Stat...1978Knoppers, Annelies StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Behaviors observed during S- in a simple discrimination learning task1974Rand, Judith FurberStudentPsychology, UNCG
Ben Jonson's use of English folk ritual in the court masques1964Tucker, Virginia AchesonStudentEnglish, UNCG
Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan Williams and the United States Military Academy1974Zuersher, Dorothy StudentEducation, UNCG
Benjamin John and other poems1967Cherry, Kelly StudentEnglish, UNCG
Bernard Shaw as devil's advocate1978Helvey, James RelerfordStudentEnglish, UNCG
Between the Eves of Allhallowmas1976Nash, Robert TimothyStudentEnglish, UNCG
Between parentheses and other poems1966Wyrick, Charles L.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Between writer and reader : the relationship of the concept of audience to the teaching of c...1979Cochran, Janet FyneStudentEducation, UNCG
Beyond the Bem Sex-Role Inventory : a reconceptualization of the constructs of "masculinity"...1996Hoffman, Rose MarieStudentEducation, UNCG
Bi-topological spaces1971Garner, Betty RuffinStudentMathematics, UNCG
Biased processing as a function of attitude accessibility : applications to sexual aggressio...1995Donat, Patricia Lyn NilesStudentPsychology, UNCG
A biblical doctrine of physical education1983Martin, Dennis WallaceStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Bilingual education : legal aspects and imperatives for public schools1982Fee, Jerry RayStudentEducation, UNCG
Billy Budd, The Caine Mutiny, and Fiedler's Contingency Model : an inferential analysis of l...1980Anderson, Lane SchofieldStudentEducation, UNCG
Binary nematic mixtures of 4,4'-dialkoxyazoxybenzene homologs1970Andrews, Mary AnnaStudentChemistry, UNCG
Binaural analysis as a function of physiological masking : the cardiac cycle1972Lindsey, John W.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Binocular interaction : fusion or suppression of the visually evoked potential to dichoptic ...1972Seiple, William HenryStudentPsychology, UNCG
The binocular interaction of size and orientation channels : evoked potentials and observer ...1978Towle, Vernon LeoStudentPsychology, UNCG
Biochemical studies of galactokinase from neurospora crassa1970Wang, Jun-Lan StudentBiology, UNCG
A biographical sketch suitable for use in supplementing the teaching of North Carolina socia...1946Walker, Mary HannahStudentEducation, UNCG
Biographical sketches to supplement the social studies curriculum of the North Carolina four...1945Jackson, Nevelyn MartinStudentEducation, UNCG
Biographical vignettes for North Carolina seventh grade history1949Penry, Sadye MarcelleStudentEducation, UNCG
Biological characterization of Cyanophage LP-1 infecting Plectonema and Lyngbya species1975Barwick, Robert AllenStudentBiology, UNCG
The birth of a controversy : the presidency of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman1965Williams, Linda MiddletonStudentHistory, UNCG
Black music in the university system of North Carolina, 1960-19741975Mitchell, Joseph ThurmanStudentMusic, UNCG
Black workers : commitment to work, retirement attitude, and retirement planning1987Bethea, Patricia DavisStudentEducation, UNCG
The blue flame1996Ayau, Kurt JoseStudentEnglish, UNCG
Body and soul realism and the ideal in nineteenth century Russia1953Holshouser, Mary LeeStudentEnglish, UNCG
Body, mind, spirit, voice : Helen Kemp and the development of the children's choir movement1993Farrior, Christine BordeauxStudentMusic, UNCG
Body, pleasure, language and world : a framework for the critical analysis of dance educatio...1990Blumenfeld-Jones, Donald StudentEducation, UNCG
The booke of Sir Thomas Moore : an interpretation in the light of its sources and probable o...1965Ganim, Virginia LynnStudentEnglish, UNCG
Bookkeeping practices of small independent grocery stores of Morehead township of Greensboro...1950Anderson, Sara ElizabethStudentBusiness Education, UNCG
Bounded Generation of S-Arithmetic Subgroups of Isotropic Orthogonal Groups over Number Fiel...2006Erovenko, Igor FacultyMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
Brecht : reflection of reality1964Vestal, Charlotte AnnStudentHistory, UNCG
Brief description of six oil paintings1957Bradford, Sarah G.StudentArt, UNCG
A brief history and description of inmate education in the North Carolina Department of Corr...1977Oliver, Dorothy McMichaelStudentEducation, UNCG
Bringing union to textiles : factors which aided and impeded the progress of unionism in the...1962Wilkins, Mary VannStudentHistory, UNCG
British attitudes toward Negro suffrage during American reconstruction1977Yardley, Rosemary RobertsStudentHistory, UNCG
British images of the Chinese trader; 1865-18801975Swiger, Philip WellerStudentHistory, UNCG
Building community in schools through aesthetic curricular language1993Lee, Katherine StudentEducation, UNCG
The Burger court and the public schools1978Deakin, George RobertStudentEducation, UNCG
Business data processing curriculum in the community colleges and technical institutes and d...1973Overton, Ruby JeanStudentEducation, UNCG
Business ethics: the influence of religion1975English, Michael DewayneStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
Calcium and phosphorus retention in frozen okra and spinach cooked in a steam jacketed kettl...1967Shah, Ranjana KanchanlalStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Calcium balances of premenopausal women consuming cheese- compared to spinach- and tofu cont...1987Landis, William HathawayStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Calculable fire : a collection of poems1968Settlemyre, Susan MorrisonStudentEnglish, UNCG
Canonical variates of post abortion syndrome1990Vaughan, Helen P.StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
The cardiac training effect of selected college men as measured by three heart rate intensit...1972Whiteley, Thomas MonroeStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Career anchors of North Carolina principals1996Puryear, Paul J.StudentEducation, UNCG
Career and earner wives' preferences for the use of time and use of strategies for coping wi...1986Hiatt, Ann RenigarStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Career development assessment of at-risk students : implications for a dropout prevention mo...1991Enzor, Harriett LeighStudentEducation, UNCG
Career networks : the use of personal and professional relationships by women administrators...1985Cannie, Mary RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
The career of Herbert R. Hazelman : public school bandmaster1988Jeffreys, Harold LeonStudentMusic, UNCG
Caregiving behaviors and coping skills of caregivers to people with Acquired Immune Deficien...1991Gabbay, Sarah G.StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Carson McCullers : the tragedy of the grotesque1964Rogers, Betsy StudentEnglish, UNCG
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Constitutional rights and the public high school student1974Presson, Johnny E.StudentEducation, UNCG
Construction and evaluation of a toy for preschool children1966Brankey, Joseph JohannesStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The construction and standardization of skills tests to measure achievement in specific soft...1960Yates, Martha MossStudentPhysical Education, UNCG
The construction and validation of a series of color film loops to illustrate selected women...1976Wasserman, Nancy B.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The construction of a badminton high clear test utilizing a fan shaped target1968Griot, Mary AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction of a basketball official's test presented by videotape1974Turnbull, William IvanStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The construction of a film loop and audio cassette series in beginning synchronized swimming...1977Temple, Carolyn DeneStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction of an instrument for assessing cognitive learning based upon "Ready? Set... Go!...1976Hart, Virginia StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction of an instrument to ascertain mothers' understanding of the importance of play ...1970Busick, Elizabeth HighStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The construction of an objective basketball knowledge examination for college women1964McCutcheon, Sallie StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction of an objective knowledge test in lacrosse for college women1967Hodges, Carolyn VirginiaStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The construction of a report card for use in the elementary schools of Forsyth County, North...1951Emerson, Kathleen StudentEducation, UNCG
Construction of a situation-response scale to measure the attitudes of freshman and sophomor...1972Zelfer, Geraldine HelenStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction of a unit of programmed instruction in health education1965Woolen, Sandra AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The construction of a volleyball skill test for the forearm pass1976Kautz, Elizabeth MarieStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Construction series1973Robbins, Michael WayneStudentArt, UNCG
Constructions in color-aid, formica, and plexiglas1968Hodes, Barnett DavidStudentArt, UNCG
Consultant and design services desired by residential builders1961Feldman, Eva HicksStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Consumer preferences and perceptions of terry towels as related to selected demographic fact...1975Mohler, June F.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Consumer problems related to color changes in textile products1964Pollock, Frances FerrellStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Consumer purchasing behavior and buying practices for men's lightweight underwear1975Watson, Emily WagonerStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Consumer usage of frozen dinners and main dishes, some nutritive and economic implications1970Lane, Linda TinkhamStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The contact hypothesis and its relevance to busing1973Henderson, Bertha DancilStudentPsychology, UNCG
Contemporary developments in Negro middle-class religion : an overview1967Carr, Willine StudentSociology, UNCG
Contemporary educational criticism : a critique1991Books, Sue StudentEducation, UNCG
Contemporary textile designs inspired by seasonal symbols of China1977Jones, Cynthia AnnStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Context effects on cross-modality equations of sensory magnitude1961Hardy, Ann HowellStudentPsychology, UNCG
Continued professional learning and the experienced elementary school physical education spe...1989Pissanos, Becky W.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Contracts1974Turner, Kermit SteveStudentEnglish, UNCG
The contrapuntal style of Hector Berlioz1970Silverman, Richard SamuelStudentMusic, UNCG
The contribution of church schools to education in North Carolina 1700-18501933Matlock, Jack FaustStudentEducation, UNCG
The controversy over Bach's trills : towards a reconciliation1994Polevoi, Randall MarkStudentMusic, UNCG
Convergence in topological spaces1970Frierson, Dargan StudentMathematics, UNCG
A convergence theory approach to definitions of the integral1974Tennis, Grace KeyserStudentMathematics, UNCG
Convergent elaboration : equating the mnemonic value of provided and generated words and ima...1990Martin, Laureen SandborgStudentPsychology, UNCG
Conversations : computer mediated dialogue, multilogue, and learning1996Baldwin, Beth Ann W.StudentEnglish, UNCG
A cool summer heat1971Byrtus, William A.StudentEnglish, UNCG
A cooperative plan between an independent liberal arts college and a public school for the t...1947Swain, Virginia SloanStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A coordinating framework for wellness care1981Armentrout, Virginia HalterStudentEducation, UNCG
Corners1977Davis, Margaret CarleenStudentArt, UNCG
Correlates of social competence among mildly mentally retarded school-aged children1983Person, Sallie JenkinsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The correlation between a Hullian constant and intelligence1966Eckman, Guy StudentPsychology, UNCG
The correlation of penicillinase production and bacteriophage adsorption of Staphylococcus a...1960Rose, Mary PatriciaStudentBiology, UNCG
Cosmic consciousness in James Agee's Let us now praise famous men1968Friedman, Donna ReissStudentEnglish, UNCG
Costs and cost components of mobile home living in owner-occupied units1969Meldua, Elizabeth UzzleStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Counselor characteristics and situational factors as related to rated importance and practic...1979Schmidt, John J.StudentEducation, UNCG
Court decisions in school athletic, physical education, and intramural programs in which the...1986Gaskin, Lynne PearsallStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Covert positive reinforcement in the treatment of nailbiting : target-relevant versus target...1978Meade, Linda SwetlowStudentPsychology, UNCG
Creating a List of Free Higher Ed Collections in the Time of COVID-19 [slides]2020Leininger, Lea FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Creating a List of Free Higher Ed Collections in the Time of COVID-19 [slides]2020Burton, Marcie B.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Creating mosaics1960Zezefillis, Helen StudentArt, UNCG
The creation of culture in middle school1995Harrison, John AndrewStudentEducation, UNCG
The creation of settings and inservice education1978Britt, Viola SeymourStudentEducation, UNCG
A creation of settings model for the gifted1977Bennett, Barbara NapierStudentHistory, UNCG
Creative activities for young children : a guide-book for parents and teachers1968Rowland, Bobbie HaynesStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Creative and leadership behaviors of preschool children1974Fu, Victoria RuthStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Creative art for the non-specialized elementary school teacher1950Stewart, Evelyn StudentEducation, UNCG
Creative dramatics in the treatment of language delay1972Wells, Susan MargueritteStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Creative fidelity : the study of compassionate consciousness in a technological world1993Ford, Chris StudentEducation, UNCG
A creative presentation of a gym teacher's perceptions1989Rovegno, Inez StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Creativity and its implications for secondary college-preparatory mathematics education1978Lee, Sandra GaleStudentEducation, UNCG
Creativity and risk-taking in young children1980Ritchie, Shirley PeelerStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Crime in North Carolina schools : the perception and response of administrators1979Harlan, John P.StudentEducation, UNCG
The Crimmons place and other stories1968Goins, Melinda StudentEnglish, UNCG
Crisis theory related to divorce and remarriage1980Kezar, Edward FrazeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Criteria for the construction of units on North Carolina to supplement the social studies co...1946Faulconer, Rose JonesStudentEducation, UNCG
A critical analysis of the problems encountered in posture research1969Fullilove, Margaret AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A critical examination of published sport motivation research, 1975-19861987Warren, Linda LouiseStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
The critical reception of Amos Tutuola, Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka, in England and Ameri...1974Eko, Ebele OfamaStudentEnglish, UNCG
The critical reception of Reynolds Price from 1961 through 19661970Reams, Gail MillerStudentEnglish, UNCG
The critical reputation of Kate Chopin1978Garitta, Anthony PaulStudentEnglish, UNCG
A critical review of research on memory interventions for the elderly1986Greenberg, Cheryl StudentEducation, UNCG
A critical study of Synge's early writings, published in 1966, with references to his plays1969Lee, Suzan SafrisStudentEnglish, UNCG
A critical study of Thomas Middleton's Hengist, king of Kent1971Simmons, Nancy C.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Critical thinking in young children1994Davis-Seaver, Jane StudentEducation, UNCG
A "critical year" (April 1860-April 1861) : a study of Unionist sentiment in Western North C...1975Ambrose, Robert PaulStudentHistory, UNCG
The criticism of The Red Badge of Courage1966Butler, Judith AnnStudentEnglish, UNCG
Crochet1974Davis, Pamela NelleStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Cross-age tutoring and young children's spatial problem solving skills in a LOGO programming...1989Rembert, Wilhelmenia StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
A cross-contextual analysis of boys' aggressiveness1991Curtner, Mary ElizabethStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
A cross-cultural study on exercise motivation and behavior : the case of American and Taiwan...1991Kang, Lingjiin StudentHealth and Human Performance, UNCG
A cross-validation of the Welsh origence-intelligence keys for the strong vocational interes...1968Saunders, Minta M.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
"Can such an eye judge of the stars" : a study of star imagery in William Blake's poetry1981Beal, Ann DickinsonStudentEnglish, UNCG
Cube constructions1970Isenhour, Mary M.StudentArt, UNCG
Cultural change and conservation : the implementation of The Paideia proposal in four school...1989Hart, Alice HuffStudentEducation, UNCG
Cultural continuity in subjective definition of situations1974Albert, Edward HenryStudentSociology, UNCG
Cultural identity, Jewish identity and the educational struggle for social justice : social ...1995Bliss, Linda AllisonStudentEducation, UNCG
Cultural values and wellness of Native American high school students1996Garrett, Michael T.StudentEducation, UNCG
Culture and preschoolers' activities : the United States and Korea1994Lee, Soeun StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
A cure for shapes1973Jones, Rodney GlennStudentEnglish, UNCG
The current constitutional debate concerning the separation of church and state as manifeste...1987Tilley, James GarlandStudentEducation, UNCG
Curriculum and collective consciousness : speculations on individualism, community and cosmo...1985Pipan, Richard C.StudentEducation, UNCG
Curriculum and creativity : reconciliation through language1973Callebs, John SolomenStudentEducation, UNCG
A curriculum model for academic preparation of hospital playroom personnel1976Rollins, Ann CannonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The curriculum of the Kake, Alaska, territorial school in relation to the lives and habits o...1949Howell, Clingman W.StudentEducation, UNCG
Curses, hallelujahs, and amens : the rhetoric of Daniel Defoe, a case study in didactic fict...1996Ashburn, Beth Ann StudentEnglish, UNCG
Cytochrome analysis of a cytoplasmic mutant of neurospora crassa1971Farrior, Julian WadeStudentBiology, UNCG
A cytogenetic investigation of selected children with birth defects1969Hall, Joan OverbyStudentBiology, UNCG
D. H. Lawrence's neglected art :  his theory and practice of drama1976Bardon, Sally SullivanStudentEnglish, UNCG
Dance piece1975Doyle, Laura WatkinsStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Dancing with the dead generations after the Holocaust: a fictional blogged phenomenology and...2009Dresser, Karen ElizabethStudentTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
Data-Driven Collection Development: The Approval Plan in Today's Academic Library [Notes]2019Fischer, Christine M.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Daughters of depressed mothers : an examination of self-efficacy and stress reactivity1996Homan, Margot A.StudentPsychology, UNCG
David Ross Locke, consistent advocate1978Taylor, Anita DianneStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A Day in the life of ERHelp [slides]2020Burton, Marcie B.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
A Day in the life of ERHelp [slides]2020Nunnally, Katherine J.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Death and love in the poetry of Dylan Thomas1958Ridinger, Charlotte AliceStudentEnglish, UNCG
Death as a psychological crisis : an analysis of death in Les Thibault1973Clayton, Faye RichardsonStudentRomance Languages-French, UNCG
Death of Cuchulain1959Curlee, Jo Ann StudentMusic, UNCG
The decision process for the acquisition of capital equipment in teaching hospitals1983Hewitt, Gerald NealStudentEducation, UNCG
The decision to remarry and the ethic of care : a qualitative study of formerly divorced fem...1986Byrd, Anne JusticeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Deflections1973Lackey, Louise BaleyStudentArt, UNCG
The Deianeiran heroine in six English tragedies, 1603-17031991Gay, Richard RolandStudentEnglish, UNCG
Deliberation by a group of college women in their purchases of three selected items of outer...1970Cutright, Pamela SueStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Deliberations1976Jarecke, George WalterStudentEnglish, UNCG
Delphi : a collection of stories1969Miller, Heather RossStudentEnglish, UNCG
Democratic faith : in search of a more accessible critical pedagogy for teachers in their cl...1995Bell, James W.StudentEducation, UNCG
The Democratic Study Group : an aid to freshmen Congressmen1967Ransome, Elizabeth WhitneyStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
Depression in college students : analysis of activity preference and comparison of treatment...1974Sheslow, David V.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The descent motif in the American naturalistic novel1963Stutts, Carol L.StudentEnglish, UNCG
A description and analysis of an academic enrichment program at Bennett College1986Reynolds, Amy ArmstrongStudentEducation, UNCG
A description and analysis of the behavior of two experienced teachers initiating the moveme...1975Willcox, Diane E.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Description and analysis of the Camp Lejeune teacher education consortium : a modified compe...1982Novicki, Judith RodriguezStudentEducation, UNCG
A description of the causal attributions made to perceived teaching behavior across three el...1990Mros, Marilyn StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
A description of children's verbal responses to a modern dance work in grades kindergarten t...1982Sutlive, Josephine L.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A description of dyadic student/teacher interactions in the physical education activity clas...1979Brown, Janie P.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Description of a program employed to develop listening skills in children with severe functi...1970Wilson, Carolyne MartinStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A description of satisfactory principal leadership from the perspective of teachers1984Miller, Richard W.StudentEducation, UNCG
A descriptive analysis of the effects of a model of flexible scheduling on achievement in re...1983Wood, Fred SimpsonStudentEducation, UNCG
A descriptive analysis of teacher augmented feedback given to university students in beginni...1979Cole, Judith L.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A descriptive study of the efforts and related elements of two middle schools highly success...1995Colavito, James W. StudentEducation, UNCG
A descriptive study of the personality of selected amateur golfers1970Owens, Norma DianeStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Desegregation and the rise of private education1975Franklin, Lewis GlennStudentEducation, UNCG
The design and implementation of a conceptual model for identifying gifted and talented stud...1981Guthrie, Wesley EugeneStudentEducation, UNCG
The design and technical production of Jason Miller's That championship season1975Peerbolte, David RoyStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A design for demonstration equipment to be used in teaching lighting and adequate wiring for...1958Freeman, Rebecca AnneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The design structure of my paintings with special reference to color, shape, and space1965Foltz, Jane J.StudentArt, UNCG
Design, implementation and evaluation of the Language Experiences Advancement Program : amel...1988Summer, Gail LaubscherStudentEducation, UNCG
The design, implementation, and evaluation of a French immersion weekend1988Litaker, Linnea RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
The designation of family living activities in two open-plan house designs for the five stag...1975Mobley, Patsy HandStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Designs for lighting selected art objects in the interior of Chinqua-Penn Plantation in Nort...1970Greenfield, Cecelia DoreenStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Desirable equipment related to available space in typical first grade classrooms in North Ca...1950Woollen, Frances EvelynStudentEducation, UNCG
Detailed portraits1978Comer, Stanley DonnellStudentArt, UNCG
The detection of ceruloplasmin in avian plasma and its validity as a biochemical taxonomic i...1971Schecter, Roger NormanStudentBiology, UNCG
Determinants of diagnostic prototypicality judgments of the personality disorders1990Herbert, Diana LeeStudentPsychology, UNCG
A determination of the bacterial and fungal flora of normal and iron containing fish aquaria...1964Robbins, Joanna JohnsonStudentBiology, UNCG
Determination of palatability, tenderness, and vitamin retention of meat and poultry cooked ...1974Meadows, Jerriane Kujie StaffordStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Determination of pesticide levels as the result of cross- contamination during laundering1989Milikin, Corinth StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Determination of surfactant build-up and its effects on resin treated cotton fabrics1976Ogbogu, Uchenna StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Determining the relationship of certain venereal diseases to speech and hearing pathology1967Elkins, Sue NealStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Developing and maintaining student interest in learning through a study of the selection, co...1941Harrill, Thelma HawkinsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Developing a child health model : a prospective study of maternal health beliefs and utiliza...1995Walker, Kim SchmidtStudentPsychology, UNCG
Developing a model to test the predictors and consequences of the amount of time school-age ...1989Payne, Cathy ChrisStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Developing an understanding of the nature of accessibility and usability problems blind stud...2011Babu, Rakesh StudentInformation Systems and Operations Management, UNCG
The development and application of an instrument to indicate the fire resistance characteris...1972Mori, Yang-Ja KimStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development and effect of a multimedia presentation upon knowledges about a university g...1978Ferguson, Claudia JeanStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development and evaluation of a behaviorally anchored rating scale for secondary physica...1985McKethan, Robert N.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
The development and evaluation of selected instructional materials for teaching percussion i...1975Preston, Andrew ConrathStudentMusic, UNCG
The development and evaluation of a senior high school unit on the buying of ready-made clot...1949James, Jeannie HenriettaStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development and implementation of a rhythmic ability test designed for four-year-old pre...1974McDowell, Robert HarveyStudentMusic, UNCG
Development and implementation of a student portfolio assessment model for use in the second...1993Johnson, Sharon AnnStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Development and status of business education in North Carolina1940Harman, Clay StudentBusiness Education, UNCG
Development and testing of records for longitudinal studies1958Herndon, Joyce WilsonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development and use of tape recordings as motivation for older youth towards concept lea...1971Hubbard, Nancy GailStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development and validation of the North Carolina Elementary Measures of Music Achievemen...1994Warren, Mary Ann StudentMusic, UNCG
Development and validation of a questionnaire for assessing habitual physical activity of si...1988Koehler, Karen MarieStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Development and validation of a specific learning disabilities concept questionnaire for par...1975Shirk, Robert D.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development and validation of a sport assertion scale1978Dailey, Jacqueline AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Development as transcendence an examination of a phenomenological perspective of how individ...1987Oussaty, Janet MaryStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
The development of academic efficacy among Asian, Hispanic, Black, and White high school stu...1994Thomas, Sabrina LynetteStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
The development of the alcoholic beverage control system in North Carolina1972Adcock, Attie W.StudentHistory, UNCG
Development of the artist's painting and prints1956Ould, Mary Jane FoxStudentArt, UNCG
The development of the Assessment of Intimacy in Marriage (AIM) instrument1993Shackleford, Robert S. StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Development of a cellular model to evaluate the hypothesis that dietary carotenoids are anti...1996Martin, Keith R.StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
The development of the city schools in North Carolina from 1860-19001933Cason, Aleph AnnStudentEducation, UNCG
Development of a college beginning swimming course which possesses selected characteristics ...1974Neikirk, Mary MargaretStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Development of computer supplements to calculus1972Martin, John RandolphStudentMathematics, UNCG
Development of the Concept of Middleness in Children: Response Time and Complexity1993Williams, Kathleen FacultyHealth and Human Sciences, UNCG
The development of creative thinking and its educational implications1989Johnson, Aostre N.StudentEducation, UNCG
The development of criteria for identifying music preferred by children with behavioral prob...1978Bowman, Jo Ann CurleeStudentMusic, UNCG
The development of essential character traits in prospective religious workers through the a...1949Temple, Kenneth ElsworthStudentEducation, UNCG
Development of an evaluation device to accompany a self-instructional program on the teachin...1967Newnam, Carol StainbackStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Development of an evaluation device to measure quality of workmanship on a blouse1967Solomon, Mary McNeelyStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of a framework for an articulation plan for the transfer of credits from two...1983Andrews, Frances KennedyStudentEducation, UNCG
Development of the French drama of the eighteenth century1934Heilig, Annie PrestonStudentRomance Languages-French, UNCG
The development of Guttman scales measuring attitudes toward athletic scholarships and attit...1975Buede, Patricia SueStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of the historiography of the Civil War1950Rigney, Eleanor StudentHistory, UNCG
The development of a homemaking unit on methods of work simplification as applied to home ta...1952Smith, Rebecca McCullochStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of an indoor putting test1970Williford, Edna WolfeStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of an instrument for measuring library instructional services and organizati...1986Safrit, Janice AnnetteStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of an instrument for measuring the opinions of educators toward potential sc...1990Blanton, Roy ErnestStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of an instrument for measuring strength of elbow flexion in elementary schoo...1966Koenigsberger, Ruth E.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Development of an inventory to ascertain the problems and interests related to home economic...1965Denning, Mary Lou Román StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Development of materials on family planning and population education for use by Thai home ec...1975Chatraphorn, Suparp StudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of mathematical understanding and its application to Libyan secondary school...1982Zeguan, Bashir HosniStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of a model for assessing quality learning experiences in elementary physical...1977Johnston, Jeanne LouiseStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of a model for participatory goal setting in private educational institution...1976Schoppert, Gail DeanStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of a multi-skill test in lacrosse for college women1977Ennis, Catherine D.StudentKinesiology, UNCG
The development of muscular endurance in women physical education majors with diverse initia...1971Alley, Jennifer ElaineStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of a nursery school leadership observation schedule and a nursery school lea...1970Fu, Victoria RuthStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of an objective measure of achievement in swimming at the advanced level for...1964Linter, Marie AnneStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of an objective, reliable and valid tool for the systematic description of s...1972Ciesla, Lucy KatherineStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Development of the objectives and generalizations for use in a self-instructional program on...1968Lewis, Alice StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Development of a paper and pencil test and a performance test to accompany a self-instructio...1965Ross, Carolyn ElizabethStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Development of preservice elementary teachers' multicultural education perspectives1995Cristol, Dean S.StudentEducation, UNCG
The development of a program of survival swimming and lifesaving to be taught as a part of b...1960Berry, Anne EliseStudentPhysical Education, UNCG
The development of a progression of synchronized swimming skills to accompany the American R...1965Eastridge, Marilyn StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of school counselor identity1996Brott, Pamelia EllynStudentEducation, UNCG
Development of a self-instructional program on the sewing machine1963Moore, Catherine PorterStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Development of sex differences in listening1976Reis, Laura AnnStudentPsychology, UNCG
The development of a social program in a church-related college engaged in teacher preparati...1949MacLeod, Frances AlexanderStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of study materials for use in parent education groups1959Ashby, Helen BewleyStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of a teaching manual and loopfilms for officials of conventional foil fencin...1968Alphin, Beth StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Development of a test to measure the ability of home economics teachers to apply certain acc...1962Cooper, Marjorie AnnStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The development of a tool to measure perceptions of physical education teaching behaviors fo...1983Daniel, Mary ReginaStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of a values inventory for high school girls to measure selected psychologica...1970Leathem, Jocelyn StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of witchcraft in the thirteenth century1973Decker, Janet F.StudentHistory, UNCG
Developmental changes in information input preference1977Ramirez, Louise McKibbinStudentPsychology, UNCG
Developmental changes in mnemonic organization in children1975Bales, Mary LeeStudentPsychology, UNCG
Developmental education and teacher training1977Sujjavanich, Pairin NateharnStudentEducation, UNCG
A developmental examination of the modeling of aggression and altruism1976Fawaz, Dan StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Developmental histories of five preschool children1961Carter, Martha DuvallStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A developmental model for the evolution of paternal care1995Justice, Teresa C.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Developmental psychogenic mutism as a cause of severely delayed speech development1970Hahn, Tamara KayStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Developmental pursuits of excellence in North Carolina music education shared by Alice Bivin...1989McKinney, Jane Louise GrantStudentMusic, UNCG
Developmental sentence scoring as a measure of readability for first grade reading textbooks...1975Powers, Wanda ChasonStudentEducation, UNCG
A developmental study of regeneration in Dugesia tigrina1969Sheridan, Charles LinwoodStudentBiology, UNCG
A developmental study of the role of category information in word identification1986Carroll, Elizabeth StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Deviations from optimal choice : skilled performance, feedback, and Bayesian decision making...1982Bauman, Richard AlexanderStudentPsychology, UNCG
Dialogues of being-in-living relations : re-imagining office education1996Rhoney, Frances CrockerStudentEducation, UNCG
Dichotomy of observation1975Bass, David LorenStudentArt, UNCG
Diets of home economics students eating in the dining halls of North Carolina Agricultural a...1970Vereen, Elau KingStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Différence, Deference, and the Notion of Proper Reading1987Yarbrough, Stephen R.FacultyEnglish, UNCG
Differences between aspirations and expectations among eight-, tenth- and twelfth-grade yout...1965Vicinanza, Paul JerryStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Differences in the effects of carbohydrate food form on endurance performance to exhaustion1990Murdoch, Scott StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Differences in maternal verbalizations and involvement during Hawaiian mother-child interact...1986Dick-Barnes, Margaret LiljaStudentPsychology, UNCG
Differences in music achievement among gifted and talented, average, and educable mentally h...1982Ellis, Donald LeslieStudentMusic, UNCG
Differences in variability of color of stimuli on the child's habituation of attention and o...1972Spillman, Carolyn V.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
The differential effects of four training strategies for use in the sheltered workshop1972Standahl, Beverly WeipertStudentPsychology, UNCG
The differential effects of phonics versus sight-recognition methods of teaching reading on ...1974Peoples, Arthur C.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Differential memory impairment in individuals exhibiting Korsakoff's syndrome1977Sawyer, Terry McCrayStudentPsychology, UNCG
Differential reinforcing value of speech and heartbeats : a measure of functional lateraliza...1985Prescott, Phyllis A.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Dignidad real y acción mayestática en La farsa de las galeras de Luis Milá2002Lopez Alemany, Ignacio FacultyLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
Dimensions of clothing interest based on factor analysis of Creekmore's 1968 clothing measur...1974Gurel, Lois M.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Dimensions of perfectionism as vulnerability factors for depression in the narcissistic and ...1996Cassady, Patricia M. B.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The diplomatic career of Jan Christian Smuts1976Dean, Phillip WalterStudentHistory, UNCG
"Directing threds-- through the labyrinth" : the moral use of Platonic conventions and patte...1973Tucker, Virginia AchesonStudentEnglish, UNCG
The direction and presentation of Tango, a play by Slawomir Mrozek1977Childers, Michael EugeneStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Disadvantaged children's play behavior over the school year in public school preschool class...1996Son-Yarbrough, Whasoup StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
The discernibility of the effect of varying levels of illumination on individuals1963Gore, Janelle WhiteStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Discriminators of interest in family support programs among Air Force couples1981Brown, Richard JuliusStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A discussion of the Pearl stanza as an approach to the poem1968Goodwin, Jean StudentEnglish, UNCG
Dissociation and posttraumatic stress disorder in Khmer refugees resettled in the United Sta...1991Rosser-Hogan, Rhonda L.StudentEducation, UNCG
Distinctions between sociometric status groups : internalizing difficulties1996Ward, Wendy L.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Distinctive physical education teachers : personal qualities, perceptions of teacher educati...1980Earls, Neal FranklinStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The "Distinctive" South : forty-year quest for a regional mystique (1928-1968)1970Stanback, Betty AnneStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
The divided world of Andrew Marvell1958Carden, Patricia StudentEnglish, UNCG
Divorce mediation : factors influencing the choice of mediation and their respective objecti...1985Deal, Tony RayStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Djuna Barnes and experimental narration : a study of character-narration in the poetry, fict...1968Mallison, David WalkerStudentEnglish, UNCG
Doctoral dissertations in physical education : a twenty-year portrait1986Gillis, Jacqueline HannaStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
The dolphin as symbol in three modern works : Ernest Hemingway, The old man and the sea; Wil...1970Gaither, Nell WeddellStudentEnglish, UNCG
The domestic formation of United States policy towards the Barbary powers, 1784-18081976Scott, Douglas AlanStudentHistory, UNCG
Domingo1975Stolpen, Steven LeeStudentEnglish, UNCG
Dorothy Heathcote as philosopher, educator and dramatist1991St. Clair, Jeanne PetersonStudentEducation, UNCG
Dorothy Parker, who are you? : an adaptation of Dorothy Parker's work, reflecting her life a...1977Willson, Wendy B.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Dr. Charles Buell : leader in physical education for the visually impaired1980Whitley, Patricia RiceStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A dramatic interpretation of the role of Isabella in William Glennon's The adventures of Har...1975Nassif, Mary SheilaStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A dramatic interpretation of the role of Queen Margaret of Anjou in William Shakespeare's Th...1976Ramsey, Mary LawStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Drama in the life and works of Thomas More1988Fredricks, Daniel DavidStudentEnglish, UNCG
Drawings1977Lee, Scott WilliamStudentArt, UNCG
Drawings and paintings1976Seagraves, Eleanor Sue KodyStudentArt, UNCG
Drawings and paintings of still life situations and the figure1976Kornegay, Cassandra F.StudentArt, UNCG
Dress and nudity in the iconography of the Florentine Renaissance woman1982Ledogar, Judith W.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
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Hammer pieces1970Benedict, Dexter NoelStudentArt, UNCG
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Images1975Hayes, Ivey StudentArt, UNCG
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Information-seeking as a function of locus of control and situational control1974Daughtry, Timothy C.StudentPsychology, UNCG
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The Internet Never Forgets: Image-Based Sexual Abuse and the Workplace2021Rood, Melody FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
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Introducing scholarly communications: A cross-departmental approach for reaching students an...2020Craft, Anna R.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Introducing scholarly communications: A cross-departmental approach for reaching students an...2020Houk, Amanda "Amy" HarrisFacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Introducing scholarly communications: A cross-departmental approach for reaching students an...2020Harlow, Sam FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
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Studies1977Barber, Ronald ChristopherStudentArt, UNCG
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Study of Y*l (1385) decay modes1974Garner, Larry W.StudentPhysics, UNCG
A study of the zinc toxicity alleviating factor(s) in soybean meal1970Durkin, Mary VirginiaStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A study to determine the effect of a nutrition program on the eating habits of a group of fi...1943Outlaw, Eunice BryanStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A study to develop a cost accounting model for improved decision-making in higher education1977Oliver, Edward EugeneStudentEducation, UNCG
A study to evaluate the manpower development training programs in Richmond County, North Car...1975Street, Robert DecaturStudentEducation, UNCG
A study to investigate the effectiveness of using a lightweight plastic ball in teaching the...1971Adams, Alice StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A study to investigate the information base used to place handicapped children in the North ...1979Worley, Carolyn JeanStudentEducation, UNCG
A study to profile the features of physical educators in higher education by institutional l...1986Scott, Marvin W.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Style and history in La Conquete de Constantinople : a descriptive study1973Moore, Alice RayeStudentRomance Languages-French, UNCG
Style in Malory's book of Balin1977Briggs, Carol ReidStudentEnglish, UNCG
The stylistic evolution of the violoncello sonata1964Fountain, Marcia TaylorStudentMusic, UNCG
Success and satisfaction of members of selected adult male bowling teams registered with the...1975Piggott, Bert CodyStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Suicide among working women : an occupational model1983Alston, Maude HollowayStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Suicide in the novels of Georges Bernanos1977Del Tatto, Ann FemiaStudentRomance Languages-French, UNCG
A summary of comparable data found in twenty-three selected master's theses reporting follow...1944Ditmars, Earl EdwardStudentBusiness Education, UNCG
Summer run1971Thomas, Georganne SpruceStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Sumptuary legislation and other regulations pertaining to personal appearance in the sevente...1961Phillips, Joana W.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Superiors' and subordinates' perceptions and expectations of the leader behavior of the dean...1974Cox, Edward WiltonStudentEducation, UNCG
Superstitions of athletes1974Paratore, Jean StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Supervision of resident assistant paraprofessionals in higher education : perceptions of sup...1991Dean, Laura A.StudentEducation, UNCG
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Supreme Court rhetoric : explorations in the culture of argument and the language of the law...1992Wall, Beverly C.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Surface distortion of polyester double knit fabrics using a rotary abrasion device1975Phillips, Penny LynneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
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A survey and evaluation of the professional literature on the over-aggressive primary school...1948Lawson, R. RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
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A survey of American women's underwear and foundation garments from 1875 to 19501958Ott, Peggy SueStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of the attitudes of the Abingdon community toward Barter Theatre of Abingdon, Virgi...1977Keller, Teresa DianeStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A survey of audio-visual aid resources as used in fifteen Guilford county high schools durin...1948Robbins, James RaymondStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of data processing education in industry and government in Piedmont North Carolina1970Andrews, William CampbellStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of the diets of the children in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of Curry school...1947Sharpe, Evelyn TerryStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of duelling in the United States1969Wilson, Martin LutherStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
Survey of fashion trends in women's shoes in the United States July, 1914-February, 19431943Cabell, Bettie StudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of food practices of 124 eleventh and twelfth grade students in three North Carolin...1946Blackman, Nina RuthStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of lay opinion of teachers conduct and obligations in Clemmons, North Carolina1949Smith, M. JackStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of the literature on health habits in the primary grades from 1936-19481950Livengood, Zona BelleStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of methods, procedures, and materials used for teaching critical thinking in a sele...1989Thorpe, Vivian CameronStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of music education programs for senior citizens in Mecklenburg County, North Caroli...1992Robertson, William DwayneStudentMusic, UNCG
A survey of the music of Norway and Sweden for the purpose of selecting folk music to enrich...1947Sikes, Ruth StudentEducation, UNCG
Survey of Norwegian oboe literature1989Register, Paul BrentStudentMusic, UNCG
A survey of the physical education, intramural, interscholastic and recreation programs for ...1970Chase, Philip E.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A survey of protectionism from import quotas1973Brady, Gordon LeonardStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
A survey of the requirements for the licensing of preschools and certification of preschool ...1954Schaper, Monna JeanStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of research in television by graduate students in speech and cognate fields, 1968-1...1972Baumgardner, Anita TeresaStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
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Table manners of leadership1988Holderness, Catherine DarrahStudentEducation, UNCG
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Taking care of things1976Venters, Travis RoyStudentEnglish, UNCG
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The teacher as a leader of other adults1982Palmer, Ruth Ann PughStudentEducation, UNCG
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Teacher guidance of the sex development of eight, nine, and ten-year old pupils1949McDonald, Mary Quill OmohundroStudentEducation, UNCG
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Teacher influence on the reading attitudes and reading behavior of seventh grade language ar...1983Wooten, Anne MartinStudentEducation, UNCG
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Teacher perceptions of the organizational management systems in their schools and department...1979Rikard, Grace LindaStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
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Teachers' perceptions of instructional improvement through learning styles1994Gassaway, Jesse RedyardStudentEducation, UNCG
Teaching an Algebraic Equation to High School Students with Moderate Developmental Disabilit...2008Jimenez, Bree AnnFacultySpecialized Education Services, UNCG
The teaching and artistic legacy of French-born pianist Daniel Ericourt1993Hutton, Judy ForemanStudentMusic, UNCG
Teaching as a religious activity : the classroom as a place of darkness and mystery1991Zinn, Carol AnnStudentEducation, UNCG
Teaching the basic violin bowing technique : a comparative study of bowing technique of sele...1993Liu, Kexi StudentMusic, UNCG
Teaching correlates of number conservation to very young children1973Schenck, Betsy RobertsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
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The teaching of poetry in the primary grades : a suggested supplement to Language arts in th...1949Waynick, Mildred GilliamStudentEducation, UNCG
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Teaching problems encountered by Negro and Caucasian home economics teachers in integrated s...1970Stokes, Nancy ArmesStudentHome Economics, UNCG
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Teaching towards the twenty-fourth century : the social curriculum of Star Trek in the schoo...1994Anijar-Zapolsky, Karen StudentEducation, UNCG
Teaching writing to adults : a synthesis of research and a report on current practice in the...1987Sherrill, Sharon L.StudentEducation, UNCG
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A technique for identifying educational beliefs of preservice physical educators relative to...1978Askew, Joan StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
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Techniques used by rural mothers in rearing their only child who was under three years of ag...1960Wilson, Ruth FriddleStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Teenage marital units : a descriptive study1973Powell, Isabelle ReedyStudentHome Economics, UNCG
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Temperature dependence of the heats of mixing aqueous alkaline earth chlorides1972Vani, Basil G.StudentChemistry, UNCG
Temperature dependence of the heats of mixing of tetrapropylammonium chloride with some alka...1972Conally, Thomas GradyStudentChemistry, UNCG
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Tennyson's historical trilogy1970Pugh, Howard LathamStudentEnglish, UNCG
Tensions and ambiguities in the point of view of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus1971Ball, Martha CharleneStudentEnglish, UNCG
Teoria, Metodo e Analise: as interconexões necessárias no estudo das crianças e das famílias...2001Hayes, Sherrill W.FacultyPeace and Conflict Studies, UNCG
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Tess as the archetype of the earth goddess in Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles1967Hostettler, Ernst StudentEnglish, UNCG
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Testing skid resistance of smooth surfaces using various sizes of rubber and leather shoe he...1963Tuten, Fern StudentHome Economics, UNCG
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Textile production in nineteenth century Orange, Alamance, and Durham counties, North Caroli...1986Wilson, Laurel E. JankeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
That Grand Canyon and other stories1967Reynolds, Lawrence JudsonStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Theme and various blues for jazz band and orchestra1976Thomas, Paul C.StudentMusic, UNCG
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Thermodynamics of aqueous electrolytes : temperature dependence of the heats of mixing of an...1973Wilson, Ronald DeanStudentChemistry, UNCG
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Third party instigation of aggression as a function of noncooperation and "veto power"1975Mander, Anthony MichaelStudentPsychology, UNCG
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Three stories1969Beaufort, Bowman StudentEnglish, UNCG
Three stories1968Chieffet, George LawrenceStudentEnglish, UNCG
Three stories1966Fields, Curtis MuseStudentEnglish, UNCG
Three stories1951McLean, Joanne StudentEnglish, UNCG
Three stories1973McCandless, Catherine BrownStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Time in the novels of Eudora Welty1980Owens, Phillip LamarStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Tirso de Molina. Don Gil de las calzas verdes. [Review]2012Lopez Alemany, Ignacio FacultyLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
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Topographical distribution of visually evoked cortical potentials in relation to locus of re...1971Atkins, Pamlyn DawnStudentPsychology, UNCG
Topological properties related to the upper bound topology1972Rapp, Linda GentryStudentMathematics, UNCG
A total visual design of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot1972Sydow, Ronald LarryStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Toward an African-American critical pedagogy for liberation1992Kamara, Mohammed BrimaStudentEducation, UNCG
Toward the development of a construct of faculty scholarship1989Sundre, Donna L.StudentEducation, UNCG
Toward the development of a programmatic language for social studies curriculum and instruct...1974Simon, Lawrence HowardStudentEducation, UNCG
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Toward workmen's compensation in North Carolina, 1913-19291969Tickle, Terrence StephenStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
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Trade fairs and their influence on textiles in Central Europe 10th through 15th centuries1962Furches, Mildred M.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Trade guilds that influenced the textile industry of western Europe, 12th through 14th centu...1964Kendall, Carol ElizabethStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Tragedy in Malory's Morte d'Arthur1968Engleman, Roberta StudentEnglish, UNCG
Training and equipment of the high school teacher of English in the state of North Carolina1929Curtis, Fern JoannaStudentEducation, UNCG
Training letter discrimination in preschool children by manipulation of the confusability of...1976Ortman, Deborah EllenStudentPsychology, UNCG
Transannular effects in cage compounds : the alcohol-ketal exchange reaction of 3-methoxy-4-...1974Smith, William FrancisStudentChemistry, UNCG
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Transition-metal catalyzed rearrangements in cyclobutene systems1975Cann, Kevin StudentChemistry, UNCG
Translating the call to teach into instructional practice and the mentoring of student teach...1996Oglesby, Penny E.StudentEducation, UNCG
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Trees as supplementary material in the elementary school curriculum in art, science, and res...1950Coble, Belle ElliottStudentEducation, UNCG
"Trigger events" for depressed affect in sociotropic vs. autonomous individuals : a test of ...1994Johnson, Diane E.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Turtle1972Root, Judith C.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Twelve woodblock prints1969Watts, Roland S.StudentArt, UNCG
Twenty nine paintings1967Vernon, Homer JamersonStudentArt, UNCG
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Twitter in 30 minutes2011Williams, Beth FilarFacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Twitter in 30 minutes2011Cross, Cheryl FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Two apartments1975Medeiros, James PhillipStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Two perceptions of the purposes, aesthetic concepts, and background for writing dance critic...1981Johnson, Nancy DiersStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Two self-portrait and stillife series1977Link, Phillip AnthonyStudentArt, UNCG
Two stories1977Pawlosky, Joseph StudentEnglish, UNCG
Two stories1966Molyneux, Thomas W.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Two stories about a war1974MacLeod, Robert MilesStudentEnglish, UNCG
Two stories of man and woman1974Maiolo, Joseph CrumplerStudentEnglish, UNCG
Two stories, "Gift" and "Possum"1974Gingher, Marianne StudentEnglish, UNCG
Two-dimensional grid grammars1977Moore, Gene WallStudentMathematics, UNCG
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Types of information and services obtained and desired by parents of early adolescents1963Wilson, Louise LongStudentHome Economics, UNCG
U.S. reaction to the Mexican Revolution : an analysis of contemporary opinion1970Stephans, Patsy RouthStudentHistory, UNCG
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Umbo suite1973Stokes, Brenda PughStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
UNCG educational administration doctoral graduates : a study of the factors affecting the wo...1991Poole, Katherine PatrickStudentEducation, UNCG
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The United States Supreme Court and the legal aspects of busing for public school desegregat...1978Stockard, Robert MooreStudentEducation, UNCG
Universal military training : some prevalent ideas behind the post-World War II debate1967Vanhoy, Timothy L.StudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
University women's acknowledgement of rape : individual, interpersonal, and social factors1995Bondurant, A. BarrieStudentPsychology, UNCG
Until the red heart beats : rhetorical fusion in the fiction of Toni Morrison1993Locklear, Glorianna StudentEnglish, UNCG
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Use and feasibility of videocassettes for individualized instruction by home economics exten...1982Hammett, Wilma S.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
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The use of biographical data for a better understanding of leadership1984Clontz, Ann CarswellStudentEducation, UNCG
The use of brief family counseling with middle school students experiencing discipline probl...1996Simington, Kenneth W.StudentEducation, UNCG
The use of building materials and structural systems in the architectural environment1972Alberg, Sandra LynneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Use of cognitive dissonance to produce changes in the attitudes and behavior of economically...1969Leonhardt, Teresa MartinStudentPsychology, UNCG
The use of color to extend the suggestion of space and volume1969Frink, Elizabeth StudentArt, UNCG
The use of consumer preference data in forecasting sales1968Clayton, Richard E.StudentEducation, UNCG
The use of court-ordered busing to desegregate the public schools : legal aspects of actions...1988Causby, James FrankStudentEducation, UNCG
Use of educational techniques for caretakers of institutionalized individuals to increase th...1983Litchford, Mary D.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
The use of eyes and objects to express a personal theory of art1973O'Neal, Eugene StudentArt, UNCG
The use of the family room for individual and group activities1959Hinson, Thelma LeeStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The use of hand gestures as self-generated cues1991Frick, Donna JeanStudentPsychology, UNCG
The use of keyboard instruments in the religious services of selected Black Baptist churches...1987Amos, Alvin E.StudentMusic, UNCG
The use of labanotation for synchronized swimming1963Hoyle, Mary AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The use of microteaching to aid preservice physical educators in the acquisition of a variet...1977Taylor, Martha SueStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The use of music or percussion instruments in the teaching of ninth grade modern jazz dance1976Loundermon, Correll DemeterStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The use of operant behavior principles by husbands for the modification of wives' behavior1974Palmer, George MelvinStudentEducation, UNCG
The use of pitch imagery in the management of trumpet embouchure : a theoretical considerati...1990Gardner, James EdwardStudentMusic, UNCG
Use of programmed instruction of basic sewing skills by adult women in their homes1967Schenck, Betsy RobertsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The use of refrigerated space1960Frazier, Ernestine HallStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Use of screened and glassed porches1976McDonald, Rose HolleyStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The use of sewing skills by the teachers of home economics in the colleges of North Carolina...1959Sutton, Paula LeoneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The use of small electrical appliances that supplement the range1960Anderson, Elma FrancesStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Use of statistics in recently-published physical education research1985Tritschler, Kathleen A.StudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
The use of symbolic line as a means to composition1954Clarke, Ruth AbbottStudentArt, UNCG
The use of therapist rules, self rules, and contingency-shaped feedback in the treatment of ...1986Rosenfarb, Irwin ShimonStudentPsychology, UNCG
Use of videotape learning packages : a marital enrichment field experiment with two delivery...1976Shoffner, Sarah M.StudentHuman Development and Family Studies, UNCG
Using the area between two item response functions to index differential item functioning : ...1994Penny, James A.StudentEducation, UNCG
Using instructional videotape to teach couples communication, conflict-resolution, and probl...1996Willett, Larry C.StudentEducation, UNCG
Using realistic fiction to enhance social decision making in middle grades students1992Jones, Jeanneine StudentEducation, UNCG
Validation of a test of motor ability of preschool children1964Singletary, Emeve PaulStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The value of three supplementary exercises designed to increase pull-up performance in junio...1969Lutz, Victor HerbertStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Value orientations of elementary classroom teachers toward physical activity for themselves ...1985Akers, Patricia AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
Values and the academic organization1986Macdonald, Susan ColbergStudentEducation, UNCG
Values and other factors which influence consumer choice of a portable lamp1972McCann, Duska LeoneStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Values of low-income homemakers as they relate to the physical design of the house1973Carll, Mary AllisonStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Values, risk taking and selection of leisure time activities among delinquent and non-delinq...1975Braxton, Howard McCoyStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Values, satisfaction, aspirations and goal commitment among multiunit housing residents1976Humphries, Glenda M.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Vanishing species1974Sullivan, Charles ChristopherStudentEnglish, UNCG
Variation in physiological and behavioral activity as reflected in changes in arousal level1972Johnson, Patricia AnnStudentPsychology, UNCG
Variations on a theme : four plays1965Archer, Shelby StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Variations on a theme by Scriabine : for violoncello and orchestra1972Prendergast, Roy M.StudentMusic, UNCG
Various stories1972Hetherington, Sands StudentEnglish, UNCG
"Veneer"1977Dobbins, Paula StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Verbal and spatial processing in transitive inference : effects of problem complexity and am...1994Huffman, Charles J.StudentPsychology, UNCG
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Verbal responses of institutionalized delinquent and non-delinquent adolescent girls to TAT ...1973Penry, Mallie B.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Verbal self-regulation of behavior by children with internal and external locus of control1975Standahl, Jerry JoelStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Verticals and horizontals1976Liner, Amon GeorgeStudentEnglish, UNCG
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The violin sonata in the Baroque era1966Watson, Mary AlyceStudentMusic, UNCG
Virginia Woolf as equilibrist : the moment of vision and the androgynous mind1978Vanderwerff, Whitney GroveStudentEnglish, UNCG
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A visual design and technical production of Eugene O'Neill's Long day's journey into night1972Raby, Corland FrederickStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A visual design for Dark of the moon by Howard Richardson and William Berney1971Dudley, Barry S.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design for Garcia Lorca's The house of Bernarda Alba1969Barnes, Orville KennethStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A visual design for Moliere's The doctor in spite of himself1973Parker, James E.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design for Murray Schisgal's Luv1974Olson, Eric EllisStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design of Charlotte Chorpenning's Jack and the beanstalk1973Jarvis, Robert CauthornStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
The visual design of Guys and dolls by Jo Swirling (i.e. Swerling) and Abe Burrows1974Emmert, Lynn CookerlyStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design of Jack A. Melanos' Sinbad the sailor1971Berg, Diane RoughStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design of Jean Genet's The balcony1973Garnett, G. CarrStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
The visual design of Mart Crowley's The boys in the band1972Dawson, Thomas DonaldStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design of Robin Shorts' The Red shoes1977Ramsey, David LelandStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual design of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a hot tin roof1974Lockrow, A. LynnStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A visual design of William Inge's Picnic1971Ward, Ralph CarltonStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual designs and technical production of William Gibson's A Cry of players1977Harper, V. HerschelStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual designs for James M. Barrie's Peter Pan1977Maulden, Dennis C.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual designs for Madge Miller's The land of the dragon1976Conger, Joseph H.StudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
Visual event-related potentials to colored patterns and color names : attention to feature, ...1983Aine, Cheryl J.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Visual evoked cortical responses and selective dioptic masking with pattern flashes of diffe...1973Musso, Mario F.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Visual pattern recognition in the cerebral hemispheres : the role of spatial filtering1982Previc, Fred H.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Visual sensations which create expressions1972Joyner, Charles EdwardStudentArt, UNCG
Visual stimulation for premature infants with hyperbilirubinemia1977Evans, Michelle C.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Visual-spatial selective attention and reading ability in children : a study using event-rel...1991Anllo-Vento, Maria LourdesStudentPsychology, UNCG
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Visually evoked responses and reaction times in man : effects of interocular and intraocular...1974Shuttlesworth, Duane ElwoodStudentPsychology, UNCG
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Voices of Indianness : the lived world of Native American women1990Brayboy, Mary Elizabeth JonesStudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
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Volunteers in mental health service programs : a work behavior analysis1994Nassar, Sylvia C.StudentEducation, UNCG
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Wage payment and incentive plans used by department and departmentalized specialty stores in...1950Slattery, William G.StudentBusiness Education, UNCG
Waiting for Godot : critical perspectives1969Carstarphen, Sally SullivanStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Walking "the same path" : Indian voices and the issues of removal1994Griffin, Frank WingetStudentEnglish, UNCG
Wallace Stevens, James Merrill, and the way of the dandy1989Fuller, Janice MooreStudentEnglish, UNCG
Walls and windows : Ixion revisited1976Keck, George AlbertStudentArt, UNCG
War and peace : a rhetorical criticism of the Ford-Carter amnesty issue, 1974-19761977Glenn, Phillip JamesStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
War and physical education an historical study of German physical education1958Steacy, Gail B.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Warring fictions : cultural politics and the Vietnam war narrative1995Neilson, James J.StudentEnglish, UNCG
Watauga College : the residential college at Appalachian State University1985Foxx, Virginia AnnStudentEducation, UNCG
Watch this! Including streaming video in our collections [Slides]2016Fischer, Christine M.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Water as a kinetic element in sculpture1971Mintich, Mary StudentArt, UNCG
Water color1972Saffiotti, Carol StudentEnglish, UNCG
Watercolor paintings : trees1978Groulx, Adele FreedmanStudentArt, UNCG
The way we learned : rural schooling in Nebraska (1915-1925)1995Simmons, Aldonna SearlesStudentEducation, UNCG
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Weaker forms of continuity1972Keith, Martha AllredStudentMathematics, UNCG
The Weimar Republic1952Rawlins, Ruth StudentHistory, UNCG
"Well, she was a woman" : female characters in the poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson1993Weil, Eric A.StudentEnglish, UNCG
The Western Carolinian as a political organ : 1820-18321973Topkins, Robert MortonStudentHistory, UNCG
What is the importance of a prekindergarten program to achievement and school success for st...1991McMasters, Linda ManessStudentEducation, UNCG
"What's it going to be then, eh?" : tracing the English paragraph into its second century1988Branson, Mark KeithStudentEnglish, UNCG
When women talk who's listening? the effects of sex of the speaker on listening comprehensio...1976Gruber, Kenneth JayStudentPsychology, UNCG
Where Do We Grow from Here? Assessing the Impact of a Digital Media Commons on Student Succe...2018Collins, Armondo FacultyEnglish, UNCG
Where Do We Grow from Here? Assessing the Impact of a Digital Media Commons on Student Succe...2018Crowe, Kathryn FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
White soul paintings1973Davenport, Rebecca ReadStudentArt, UNCG
The whiteness retention of selected flame retardant finished fabrics laundered with phosphat...1974Wertz, Elizabeth DreisbachStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Who benefits : a study of Pell grant and Stafford loan awards in four-year colleges, 1986-87...1994Fraser, Donald RossStudentEducation, UNCG
Who Brinser? and other stories1968Ackley, David LawrenceStudentEnglish, UNCG
Why Harry woke up and other stories1971Kimball, Clark CraigStudentEnglish, UNCG
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Wildwood permutations1973Delattre, Susan B.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
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The wind, the calm1974Fortunato, Peter A.StudentEnglish, UNCG
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