Housing space divisions for living and for storage suggested by thirty-six homemakers who lived in split-level houses

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Abstract: This study was planned to determine how homemakers, who lived in split-level houses, preferred to have the existing space in their houses allocated for storage and for living. Nine house plans, each with the same number and kinds of rooms, were used. Two sizes of house plans were included because a sufficient number of house plans of approximately the same size were not available. Five plans were for smaller split-level houses which ranged from 1515.85 to 1657.08 square feet and four plans were for larger split-level houses which ranged from 1798.89 to 1926.23 square feet. Thirty-six homemakers were interviewed--four for each of the nine different house plans. When the homemakers suggested changes in living and storage space in their houses, they were not allowed to suggest changes in the overall size of their houses, since the focus of this study was the space allocations in their present houses and not their desires for a larger or smaller house.

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Language: English
Date: 1964

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