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  1. The Association between Coach and Teammate Injunctive Norm Reference Groups and College Student-Athlete Substance Use by Strack, Robert W. and Wyrick, David L. and Rulison, Kelly L. (2014)
  2. Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Eastern Europe: Overcoming Challenges, Sustaining Growth by Welsh, Dianne H.B. (2013)
  3. Investigating Motivation for Physical Activity among Minority College Females using the BREQ-2 by Orsini, Muhsin Michael and Milroy, Jeffrey John (2015)
  4. Investigating Risk Factors Predictive of Problem Outcomes Experienced by First Year Drinking and Non-Drinking Collegiate Student-Athletes by Wyrick, David L. and Dudley, William N and Rulison, Kelly L. and Milroy, Jeffrey John and Reifsteck, Erin J. (2016)
  5. Using Photovoice to Develop a Grounded Theory of Socio-Environmental Attributes Influencing the Health of Community Environments by Powers, Meredith C.F. (2014)
  6. Physical Activity Promotion on Campus: Using Empirical Evidence to Recommend Strategic Approaches to Target Female College Students by Orsini, Muhsin Michael and Milroy, Jeffrey John (2015)
  7. Vintage Viands and the Home Economics Pamphlets Collection by Coward, Callie and Rau, Erica (2017)
  8. Bernard Greenhouse: A Selected Discography by Nelson, William "Mac" and Archer-Capuzzo, Sonia (2011)
  9. Practice and Performance Related Injuries: Preventing and Treating Injuries Through Smart Practice Techniques by Archer-Capuzzo, Sonia (2008)
  10. College Students' Perceived Wellness Among Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid Formats of a Lifetime Physical Activity and Wellness Course by Orsini, Muhsin Michael and Milroy, Jeffrey John (2013)

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Entrepreneurship and Human Capital: Evidence of Patenting Activity from the Academic Sector.

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This paper presents empirical evidence of the relationship between faculty entrepreneurial activity—quantified in terms of the propensity of U.S. university faculty to work directly with industry on r... View More