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  1. OER, Social Justice, and Online Professional Development to Enhance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at a University by Harlow, Sam and Rood, Melody (2022)
  2. Career orientation and perceived professional competence among clinical research coordinators by Walters, Katherine (2019)
  3. Digital, Experiential, and Embodied: Reckoning with the Past in Putnam County, Georgia by Walters, Katherine (2020)
  4. Graduate Scholars Leadership, Engagement, and Development: Initial Design, Implementation, and Lessons Learned by Walters, Katherine (2021)
  5. The Association Between Discontinuing Hormonal Contraceptives and Wives’ Marital Satisfaction Depends on Husbands’ Facial Attractiveness by Baker, Levi R. (2014)
  6. A Psychophysiological Mechanism Underlying Women’s Weight-Management Goals: Women Desire and Strive for Greater Weight Loss Near Peak Fertility by Baker, Levi R. (2015)
  7. Library Open Access Funding on the Ground: Workflows for a Successful OA Transition by Fischer, Christine M. (2022)
  8. Considering Imperial Complexity in Prehistory: A Polyethnic Wari Enclave in Moquegua, Peru by Nash, Donna (2022)
  9. Development and validation of the 4-Factor Critical Consciousness Scale by Strack, Robert W. and Orsini, Muhsin Michael and Ewald, Rose (2022)
  10. Namascar Shaktini, Ed., On Monique Wittig: Theoretical, Political and Literary Essays. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2005. ix + 230 pp. Photos, notes, bibliography, and index. $45.00 U.S. (cl). ISBN 0-252-02984-4; $20.00 U.S. (pb). ISBN 0-252-07231-6 [Book review] by McFadden, Cybelle (2006)

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A bioinspired approach to the generation of novel antimicrobial materials

Nowlin, Kyle
Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Advancements in particle beam microscopy have allowed scientists to discover a wealth of surface architectures with nanoscale dimensions, many of which endow the surfaces with fascinating properties. ... View More