Evolution of proteins

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Abstract: As the topic Evolution of Proteins suggests, this paper is concerned with processes which occur in evolution at the molecular level to actually change the protein structure. The changes in protein structure become greater with increasing time so that a comparison of homologous proteins from organisms widely separated in time should reflect their evolutionary history and relationships. In addition to studies where proteins of different species are compared, comparisons of homologous proteins isolated from different organisms of the same species should reflect what evolutionary trends are at work at present in given species. This was the theory behind the present study in which the aryl-B-glucosidase from eleven strains of Neurospora crassa, which were geographically isolated, were compared electrophoretically to detect variations in structure. This study has many parallels. Two examples of particular interest here are Horowitz's discovery that the tyrosinase of two different strains of Neurospora crassa were distinguishable when subjected to electrophoresis (Horowitz, Fling, 1961). Mahadevan and Eberhart have also found differences in the thermolability of aryl-B-glucosidase from geographically separated strains (Mahadevan, Eberhart, 1964). These examples can be directly compared with the present study.

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Date: 1969

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