A study of the needs of high school girls in the area of sex guidance in family life education

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Abstract: The guidance of children in experiences which contribute to the gaining of information and development of attitudes toward sex and its place in human life has been grossly neglected. As Gruenberg says Education…necessarily includes guidance and adjustment with respect to sex. Obviously, too, it is not always adequate for many young people grow up with unsound attitudes about sex and false ideas regarding their obligations as members of families and of society. ….Bewildered young people have been growing up to establish homes that are too often incapable of furnishing the knowledge that their children need.1 Social and health workers, educators, and medical people are aware of the need for an intelligent training of the individual from childhood to adulthood in order that he may solve most successfully those problems that are the result of being male or female. Bigelow says: Normal children are almost certain to get sexual information not later than early adolescent years, and usually from unreliable and vulgar sources. It is, therefore, not a question whether children of school ages should be taught the important facts of sex, but whether parents and trained teachers rather than playmates and other unreliable persons should be the instructors,2

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Language: English
Date: 1948
Family life education $x Study and teaching.
Sex instruction
Sex instruction for girls
High school students $x Attitudes

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