Watercolor paintings : trees

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Gilbert Carpenter

Abstract: I am making drawings and paintings of parts of old oak trees. The subject is personal and autobiographical in some ways, cerebral and abstract in others. The four trees I am painting are close to my house. I have seen and studied their intersections with parts of fields, distant trees, sky, times of day, weather and seasons. I burn parts of them to stay warm. A limb of the oldest tree crashed through the kitchen roof during a recent ice storm. These trees have increasingly seemed to acquire anthropomorphic qualities of human anatomy and gesture which I intend the paintings and drawings to express. I have written a series of descriptive words; presence, power, giant arms - reaching, entreating, protecting, grasping, straining, cracking, penetrating, dancing, budding. The visual problem is to work toward a clearer presentation of the three-dimensional form of the trunk, branches and limbs and their movement into the space around them. I began with whole trees against whole landscapes - foreground, middleground and a distant line of trees - and have for this exhibit gradually focused in on sections of one tree, on only two branches, and finally to a small area of one branch, all against changing skies. This change in focus has been an attempt to get closer, to isolate certain gestures of the limbs, and to work out continually more disciplined approaches with color, value and brush stroke to create convincing three dimensional forms in space. The construction of the skies has become equally important, and I have made daily studies as well as copies after Constable.

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Language: English
Date: 1978

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