Lattice dynamics in a gallium crystal using the "6-exp" potential

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Abstract: A crystal lattice may be described as a regular array of atoms and/or molecules. One may be described using two basic concepts - the unit cell and the translation vectors of the crystal. A particular arrangement of molecules (the "unit cell" of the crystal) is located at the origin of a coordinate system. This arrangement or unit cell is repeated at regular intervals in space. These intervals are described by three translation vectors. A unit cell is located at particular combinations of these vectors, as, for example, at every combination of integer multiples of the vectors. In the case of gallium, an orthogonal set of vectors will be chosen such that a unit cell is located at every combination of even-integer multiples of the translation vectors.

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Language: English
Date: 1970
Gallium $x Analysis
Lattice dynamics
Equations of motion
Dispersion relations

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