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Lois Andreasen

Abstract: The choreographer became Interested In multi-dimensional choreography through working with electronic music. Of special significance was the tremendous effect that projected light has upon space. Light seems to have the ability to create mood and also to construct or destruct spacial dimensions. For the thesis dance, the choreographer incorporated and unified light, sound, and movement to work as a whole. However, it is very important that the choreography, with or without the use of music or light, should stand alone as a complete work. The first section of the dance, "Game of Positive Space", is concerned with movement within the confinements of designated space that is dictated by projected slide patterns. During this section the slide patterns change allowing the dancers to move in different areas of the stage. At times the dancers reflect through their movements the strong driving beat of the music and at other times the dancers relate to the underlying lyrical quality of the music. Section II, "Game of Negative Space", incorporates the choreography and the lights to produce a shimmering atmosphere of vast unrestricted space or a void. The dancers are free to use the total area of the stage. They perform expanded flowing movements which are characteristic of modern balletic form.

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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