A study of the evolution of plot structure in the English novel from approximately 1580 to 1820

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Leonard Hurley

Abstract: The novel did not come suddenly into being in its present form as a specialized type of prose narrative; like all other art forms it was at first crude and shapeless. It developed slowly over a period of centuries, under the hands of many writers, into a particularized fiction type. There are a number of elements in the structure of the novel -- plot, setting, character portrayal, narrative style, subject matter — but this paper will deal with only one of these: the evolution of plot structure. It is impossible, of course, to isolate plot construction completely, for it is dependent to some extent upon the other elements of the novel. Character portrayal is especially bound in with plotting, since it is now generally conceded that the action of the plot should be the outgrowth of character.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 1948

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