Interior studies

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Clare Purcell Smith (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Walter Barker

Abstract: Included In the thesis exhibition are pencil and charcoal drawings which emphasize the linear qualities of objects, and relationships between these objects and the spaces surrounding them. I have explored the forces that exist in a given composition in order to present an energetic, vibrant drawing -- one that draws the viewer toward it and causes his eye to move throughout the drawing. My subject matter is primarily interiors from the Victorian house where I grew up. In observing the positive and negative spaces of a composition, one soon concludes that one area is just as important as the other, and that a successful drawing places equal emphasis on what takes place in the spaces between inantimate objects as it does on the objects themselves. One must "feel" the structure of these spaces in between, as well as the solidity of a chair, table, or lamp. As a thorough study of a given composition is made, the drawing evolves as a harmony of several structured parts. A defined outer boundary in these drawings gives the observer an "entry" into the drawing and the space it sets up. The drawing is complete only when it invites one's glance, and then guides one's eye through an entire composition connecting a series of structured spaces. In addition to the more formal qualities of line, shape, and light that a drawing possesses, it is hoped that this group of drawings leaves its viewer with a glimpse of life's activities through intimate depictions of teacups, soft pillows, and plants. The drawings act as vehicles which allow observers to see and relate to small, and perhaps familiar, daily scenes, and therefore become more sensitive to their surroundings.

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Language: English
Date: 1978

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