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Walter Barker

Abstract: The group of drawings and paintings which constitute the thesis project is not a completed artistic statement but a continuing personal search which did not begin and will not end with this set of images. Technically they represent two complementary approaches although at times they may seem to be mutually exclusive. Each of the small paintings began as a game to salvage unsatisfactory etchings, to turn trash to treasure. The intaglio print on the paper provided abundant marks on a surface to stimulate reaction and the watercolor areas and lines, which I added and subtracted in any necessary combination and repetition, supplied further suggestions for manlpulations. It was a physical assault to shape each bit of pigment and paper into a tiny world. The larger drawings show a different method of approach and explore units in a medium in order to investigate the medium itself. I began with blank paper and resolved to make each mark on the plane direct and integral. There were no deletions. If a line was extraneous or unsuitable it had to be transformed into a vital stroke through additions of other lines, or the page was abandoned. In turn, like the etchings, the discards became bases for further probing and molding.

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Language: English
Date: 1978

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