Recalling and revisiting : a visual remembrance of things past

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Charlene Georgia-Mildred Castello (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Joseph Crivy

Abstract: Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. The infantile amnesia is the birth of the soul, the dreamer; and we are obliged to repeat what we cannot remember. This world is repetition compulsion, is karma; the burden of the past, a future determined by the past, causality. This world is dreams, the present transformed into the past, the shadow of the past falling on the present. Norman 0. Brown, Love's Body. The exhibited works represent a visual synthesis of an ongoing philosophical-psychological investigation into the remembrance of things past and culminate in the expression of a personal yet universal mythical totality of experience. The philosophical core of this body of work is derived from the thought of T.S. Eliot, Henri Bergson, and Marcel Proust. The visual juxtaposition of spatio-temporal relationships and reciprocal realities to create an Eternal Present implicit in these pieces has as its rationale the opening lines in "Burnt Norton" from the Four Quartets of T.S. Eliot: Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present All time is unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual possibility Only in a world of speculation.

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Language: English
Date: 1973

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