A proposal for the publication of the correspondence between Elizabeth I of England and Ivan IV of Muscovy

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Roy Schantz

Abstract: Europe in the sixteenth century viewed Muscovy with fear and suspicion. Westerners saw Russia mainly as a semi-barbaric threat and refused her direct, regular contact with Europe. England, seeking unhindered trade routes and new markets, was attempting like Russia to cross a blocked threshold. In this effort, English mariners reached Muscovy where Tsar Ivan IV shrewdly seized the opportunity to inaugurate regular intercourse with the Island nation. The correspondence between Ivan IV and Queen Elizabeth I of England comprises the most important part of the official communications of the first thirty years of Anglo-Russian relations. These letters have never been systematically complied and published. This thesis attempts to demonstrate the need and worth of such a collection by the following means: (1) a description of the historical background of the period as It relates to the founding of Anglo-Russian relations, (2) a discussion of known sources and of possible repositories of the Elizabeth-Ivan letters, (3) a chronological list and general-content description of the letters available to this writer In the context of events surrounding them, (4) a discussion of certain factors of influence on the monarchs and their correspondence to show that study In these terms would lead to valuable information for the researcher and compiler of such a work, and (5) a table listing all the letters to which this writer has found reference in the available sources.

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Language: English
Date: 1972
Elizabeth $b I, $c Queen of England, $d 1533-1603 $v Correspondence
Ivan $b IV, $c Czar of Russia, $d 1530-1584 $v Correspondence

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