A program of extensive research in current methods and problems and future trends in an orientation program in physical education for the college freshman : culminating in an orientation manual including the philosophical, educational, physical and recreational aspects of physical education

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Ethel Martus

Abstract: Have you asked yourself why you came to college? Has it because Mother and Dad wanted you to? Or because the rest of the crowd was going? Was it because you yourself want to be a more significant person, to live a more richly abundant life? Was it to gain that intellectual and social maturity which makes a professional course more effective or a private life more significant? Modern education demands that a college education should comprise training not only of the mind but of all the capabilities of the individual. A college student may have A's in history and chemistry, but if she has a slouching figure and clumsy movements, if she is a wall flower at a dance and a failure at a swimming party is she your ideal of a college-educated woman? And so physical education offers you an opportunity for acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes and values which contribute to complete living now and in the future. Physical education is a phase of total education, and as such aims toward the same goal - that of orienting the individual in the process of meeting the persistent problems of living. Therefore, satisfactory fulfillment of the physical education requirement is necessary for a degree.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 1948

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