Adolescent mothers['] perception[s] of their infants and quality of mother-infant interaction

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Abstract: The major purpose of the study was to assess the value of a mother-infant acquaintance program for adolescent mothers. Adolescent mothers' perception of their own infants was compared with their perception of the average infant at one to two days postpartum and one-month postpartum. Quality of care was assessed at one-month postpartum. The subjects were 47 first-time adolescent mothers who had normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries and their infants who were free of physical defects. The adolescent mothers were randomly assigned to one of three groups for comparison; a control group, a telephone group and an experimental group. The data were collected using the Neonatal Perception Inventories and Degree of Bother Inventory (Broussard, 1964). The scores were analyzed using Analysis or Variance. The significance level was set at the .05 critical value level for a two tailed test.

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Language: English
Date: 1985
Teenage mothers
Mother and infant

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