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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Accuracy Of In-Situ Audiometry Versus Traditional Audiometry For First Fit Hearing Aid Fitti...2022Brazda, Abigail GraceStudentRehabilitation Sciences - Student, ASU
Children's Phonemic Discrimination In Isolation And Context With Background Noise1979Hamby, Janet LynnStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Communication Effectiveness Of Articulation Impaired Children1981Smith, Suzanne StudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
A Comparison Of Teachers' Perception Between Communicatively Impaired Children And Their Pee...1984Goodman, Pamela JeanStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
The Development And Validation Of The Test Of Communicativeness1979Donahue, Blevin McIntoshStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Educable Mentally Handicapped Children's Comprehension Of Indirect Requests1980Grigg, Amy SueStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Effectiveness Of A Functional Communication Stimulation Program For Four Year Old Childr...1980Wheeler, Susan CarolStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Effectiveness Of An In-Service Educational Activity On Teachers' Attitudes Toward Commun...1982Carroll, Susan PhillipsStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Generators of mammalian vestibular surface responses to head motion2012Gaines, Gary ChristopherStudentCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ECU
Impact of Auditory Training on Speech Perception and Cognitive Abilities in Older Adults wit...2011Cosby, Janel L.StudentCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ECU
Influence of Dialect and Stimulus Audibility on LiSN-S Performances2018Skinner, Julia MStudentECU
The Intelligibility Of Esophageal Speech With And Without Visual Cues1979Fisher, Ann RuthStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Language Abilities Of Language Impaired And Learning Disabled Children1983Moore, Sylvia PopeStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
Language Sampling: Two Modes Of Elicitation1982Hemby, Tami ElizabethStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
Normative Standards For The Measurement Of Oro Facial Muscle Strength1979Cooke, Julianne StudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Principals' Awareness Of Public School Speech And Language Programs1982Freeman, Ellen DeniseStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Relationship Between Speech Recognition in Noise and Reading Abilities2019Moore, Hannah RaeStudentECU
The Relationship Of Disfluencies To The Rate Of Speech1980Blackley, Lynn GanttStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Use Of The Semantic Differential For Measuring Attitude Towards Speech Communication1979Walters, Court C.StudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Vestibular function following blast injury2011Mills, Kristal N.StudentCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ECU