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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Orchiectomy or androgen receptor blockade attenuates baroreflex-mediated bradycardia in cons...2011Abdel-Rahman, Abdel A.StudentECU
Obesity in a model of haploinsufficiency uncovers a causal role for lipid-derived aldehydes...2015Abernathy, Scott StudentECU
Overexpression, purification, and characterization of MmgD from Bacillus subtilis strain 168...2009Acharya, Rejwi StudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
On our feet: feasibility trial of an intervention to reduce sedentary behavior and increase ...2012Adams, Melanie StudentKinesiology, UNCG
The Old Hippie and The College Graduate2010Adams, Rebecca G.FacultySociology, UNCG
Overcoming Transactional Distance2008Adams, Tina M. FacultyHunter Library, WCU
Organization and Execution of On-site Health Care During Mass Participation Events2018Adams, William M. FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Outcome effectiveness in counseling: the role of nonverbal immediacy behaviors and the thera...2014Adamson, Nicole A.StudentCounseling, UNCG
Origin and geochemical evolution of localized , high-ferrous-iron zones in the Upper Castle...2017Akland, Mark JStudentECU
Optimizing frequency domain contention in wireless network2014Al-zurfi, Huda Kadhem Abdnoor StudentComputer Science, UNCG
One Night Or Many? Effects Of Amenity Charge Transparency On Consumer Reaction2016Albinsson, Pia A.FacultyMarketing, ASU
One Ecology and Many Ecologies: The Problem and Opportunity of Ecology for Music and Sound S...2019Allen, Aaron S.FacultyGeography, Environment, and Sustainability, UNCG
Of Ecomusicological Interest at AMS Pittsburgh2013Allen, Aaron S.FacultyGeography, Environment, and Sustainability, UNCG
Obesity in a model of haploinsufficiency uncovers a causal role for lipid-derived aldehydes...2015Alwair, Hazaim StudentECU
Obesity in a model of haploinsufficiency uncovers a causal role for lipid-derived aldehydes...2015Anderson, Ethan J.StudentECU
On The Interpretation Of Recharge Estimates From Steady-State Model Calibrations2007Anderson, William FacultyGeology, ASU
Our Experience with User Experience: Exploring Staffing Configurations to Conduct UX in an A...2015Andresen, Christine StudentECU
An Object-Oriented Approach to Extracting Productive Fossil Localities from Remotely Sensed ...2015Anemone, Robert FacultyBiological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG
Occupational Hearing Loss in Agricultural Settings2007Antunez, Marilia FacultyPast faculty member, ASU
Occupational Stressors and the Mental Health of Truckers.2010Apostolopoulos, Yorghos FacultyPublic Health Education, UNCG
The O chronicle1966Arl, Ellen StudentEnglish, UNCG
The ornithine decarboxylase gene odc is required for alcaligin siderophore biosynthesis in B...2011Armstrong, Sandra K.StudentECU
Obedience2015Arndt, Robert FacultyMary Livermore Library, UNCP
Output Convergence and the Role of Research and Development2010Ashraf, Mohammad FacultyEconomics, Finance, and Decision Sciences, UNCP
Osteomyelitis Infection of Mycobacterium marinum: A Case Report and Literature Review2014Ashraf, Muhammad S.StudentECU
Organizational Climate in Its Semiotic Aspect: A Postmodern Community College Undergoes Rene...2005Ayers, David F.FacultyTeacher Education and Higher Education , UNCG
Organizational influences on patient perceptions of symptom management2009Bacon, Cynthia FacultyAdult Health Nursing, UNCG
Occupational exposure to aerosolized brevetoxins during Florida red tide events: effects on ...2009Baden, Daniel GFacultyCenter for Marine Science, UNCW
Overview of aerosolized Florida red tide toxins: Exposures and effects2009Baden, Daniel GFacultyCenter for Marine Science, UNCW
Oceans and human health: A new era of environmental opportunities2009Baden, Daniel GFacultyCenter for Marine Science, UNCW
Optimization of linker system of potential melanoma skin cancer probe2019Ballard, Sarah Elizabeth LeeStudentChemistry and Physics, WCU
Observations on spiny dogfish () captured in late spring in a North Carolina estuary2014Bangley, Charles StudentECU
Older Adults: What Every Paediatric Nurse Should Know2010Barba, Beth E.FacultyNursing, UNCG
Offerings2013Barbera, Stephanie StudentArt, ECU
OERs and Alt-Texts in Technical Services: How to Get the Job Done2016Barricella, Lisa SheetsStudentECU
Obesity's Claim on America2006Bartholf, Lindsay MarieStudentHonors College - Health Promotion, UNCP
Orphan Glutamate Receptor delta-1 Subunit Required for High-Frequency Hearing2011Bayazitov, Ildar StudentECU
Obesity in a model of haploinsufficiency uncovers a causal role for lipid-derived aldehydes...2015Beatty, Cherese StudentECU
An occupational survey of Greenville, North Carolina and a follow-up survey of the graduates...1939Bell, Laura MattocksStudentSecretarial Science, UNCG
Opsonized Virulent Brucella abortus Replicates within Nonacidic Endoplasmic Reticulum-Negat...2011Bellaire, Bryan H.StudentECU
Open Educational Resources in Academic Libraries: Seeking Alternatives to High-Cost Textbook...2016Bernhardt, Beth StudentECU
Open Education Resources in Academic Libraries: seeking alternatives to high-cost textbooks ...2015Bernhardt, Beth FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Open Educational Resources at UNC-Greensboro- Alternatives to Pricey Textbooks [Poster]2015Bernhardt, Beth FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Open Education Resources (OER) and Opportunities [Slides]2017Bernhardt, Beth FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
On negotiating White science: a call for cultural relevance and critical reflexivity2011Bettez, Silvia C.FacultyEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG
On the interaction between indirect cost allocations and the firm's objectives1997Bhadury, Joyendu FacultyBryan School of Business and Economics, UNCG
On The Use of Genetic Algorithms to Solve Location Problems2002Bhadury, Joyendu FacultyBryan School of Business and Economics, UNCG
An Optimization-based Framework for Modelling Counter-terrorism Strategies2012Bhadury, Joyendu FacultyBryan School of Business and Economics, UNCG
"The Only 13- Year Old on Planet Earth Without a Cell Phone": Meanings of Cell Phones in Ear...2011Blair, Bethany L.FacultyHuman Development and Family Studies, UNCG