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  1. Pathways from marital aggression to infant emotion regulation: The development of withdrawal in infancy by Leerkes, Esther M. (2007)
  2. Psychosocial predictors of primiparous breastfeeding initiation and duration by Leerkes, Esther M. and Lovelady, Cheryl A. and Labban, Jeffrey (2014)
  3. Antecedents of mothers' emotional and cognitive responses to infant distress: The role of family, mother, and infant characteristics by Leerkes, Esther M. (2006)
  4. The development of parenting efficacy among new mothers and fathers by Leerkes, Esther M. (2007)
  5. African American parents’ racial and emotion socialization profiles and young adults’ emotional adaptation by Leerkes, Esther M. and Perry, Nicole Elizabeth Brown (2015)
  6. Identifying mother-child interaction styles using a person-centered approach by Leerkes, Esther M. and O'Brien, Marion (2014)
  7. Predicting aggressive behavior in the third year from infant reactivity and regulation as moderated by maternal behavior by Leerkes, Esther M. (2008)
  8. Gender and ethnic differences in young adults’ emotional reactions to parental punitive and minimizing emotion socialization practices by Leerkes, Esther M. and Perry, Nicole Elizabeth Brown (2017)
  9. Preschoolers’ distress and regulatory behaviors vary as a function of infant–mother attachment security by Leerkes, Esther M. (2016)
  10. Measuring negative emotionality using the Infant Behavior Questionnaire-Revised Very Short Form in a low income, diverse sample by Leerkes, Esther M. (2016)

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