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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Adult AD/HD, metamemory, and self-regulation in context2008Knouse, Laura E.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Adult Age Differences in Production and Monitoring in Dual-List Free Recall2017Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Age differences in memory retrieval shift: Governed by feeling-of-knowing?2011Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Age differences in strategy shift: Retrieval avoidance or general shift reluctance?2013Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Age differences in strategy shift: Retrieval avoidance or general shift reluctance?2013Frank, David JosephFacultyPsychology, UNCG
Beliefs about item memorability affect metacognitive control in item-method directed forgett...2012Foster, Nathaniel LloydStudentPsychology, UNCG
Experience with proactive interference diminishes its effects: mechanisms of change2010Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
How often are thoughts metacognitive? Findings from research on self-regulated learning, thi...2018Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Isolating Metamemory Deficits in the Self-Regulated Learning of Adults With ADHD2012Anastopoulos, Arthur D.FacultyHuman Development and Family Studies, UNCG
Judgments of learning are influenced by multiple cues in addition to memory for past test ac...2013Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Memory Avoidance by Older Adults: When “Old Dogs” Won’t Perform Their “New Tricks”2015Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Metacognition, Self-Regulation, and Self-Regulated Learning: Research Recommendations2008Schunk, Dale H.FacultyEducation, UNCG
Metacognitive influences on study time allocation in an associative recognition task: An ana...2009Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Metacognitive judgments of repetition and variability effects in natural concept learning: e...2012Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Metacognitive monitoring and strategic behavior in working memory performance: An examinatio...2009Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Metacognitive predictions and strategic adaptation to distraction2017Siri, Jacob M.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Older adults' use of metacognitive knowledge in source monitoring: Spared monitoring but imp...2011Touron, Dayna R.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Predicting memory performance under conditions of proactive interference: Immediate and dela...2011Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Proactive effects of memory in young and older adults: The role of change recollection2014Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Promoting the Self-Regulation of Clinical Reasoning Skills in Nursing Students2009Kautz, Donald D.FacultyNursing, UNCG
The role of schematic support in strategy choice during cognitive skill learning2018Kuhns, Jack StudentPsychology, UNCG
Self-regulated learning of a natural category: Do people interleave or block exemplars durin...2013Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Single session real-time fMRI neurofeedback has a lasting impact on cognitive behavioral the...2018Eddington, Kari FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Spacing enhances the learning of natural concepts: an investigation of mechanisms, metacogni...2011Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Study preferences for exemplar variability in self-regulated category learning2017Wahlheim, Chris FacultyPsychology, UNCG