Quantitative analysis of grapefruit constituents involved in diet-drug interactions and modification of the microbial metabolome

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Nicholas Oberlies

Abstract: The term "natural product" refers to secondary metabolites produced by living organisms, and therefore encompasses a number of research concentrations ranging from traditional medicines to microbial lead compounds to the impacts of diet on human health. The projects described here involve several diverse investigations that cover some of the great breadth of natural products research. One of these examined the drug-diet interaction between grapefruit constituents and first-pass metabolism enzymes, including cytochrome P450s and organic anion transporter proteins. The bioactive components of grapefruit juices and dietary supplements, including several furanocoumarins and flavonoids, were quantified. A contrasting project, related to drug discovery through the screening of fungi, explores a different facet of natural products research. The impact of media modification on the production of fungal secondary metabolites was examined, using known metabolites to track production potential of various culture media. In addition, a chemical epigenetics approach was used to induce new secondary metabolites by causing the transcription of normally silent fungal genes. Finally, a review article explored the history of a microbial metabolite that made it through the drug development process to become an anti-cancer treatment.

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Language: English
Date: 2014
Natural products, Grapefruit, Microbial metabolite, Anti-cancer treatment
Natural products

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