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Shifts in the promotion of thin beauty ideals and racial minorities in Seventeen magazine fr... (Student Work)2015Cassell, Caley M.A.UNCG
Revenue Fraud and the Impact of New Revenue Recognition Standards (Student Work)2018Pleasant, Olivia B.S.Accounting, UNCG
A longitudinal study of web-based homework (Student Work)2010Khanlarian, Cynthia J.Ph.D.Accounting and Finance, UNCG
Painting and the experience of place in the Southern landscape (Student Work)2011Abbot, Isabelle PeytonMFAArt, UNCG
Leptaxis and the constructed body: an exploration of poetic queer cyborg prosthesis. (Student Work)2010Ryan, Christian M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Southeastern suburban. (Student Work)2010Sullivan, Melissa M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Making and re-making. (Student Work)2010Thomason, Matthew WatsonM.F.A.Art, UNCG
Title here (Student Work)2010Zalevskaya, Liliya MFAArt, UNCG
The psychology of space in domestic interiors (Student Work)2011Christian, Jody L.MFAArt, UNCG
Bodies and bombs (Student Work)2011Cobbs, Jonathan BlakeMFAArt, UNCG
An awkward specimen: deconstructing the body and the mental spaces in which it inhabits (Student Work)2011Etheridge, Andrew MFAArt, UNCG
Discovering through the act of making (Student Work)2011Moore, Maurice MFAArt, UNCG
Drawing the perceptual and experiential landscape (Student Work)2011Nicholas, Amanda K.MFAArt, UNCG
Re-assemblage of forms (Student Work)2010Ashley, Kristin V.MFAArt, UNCG
Explorations in labor and material as makers of place. (Student Work)2010Kniss, Eric AlanMFAArt, UNCG
Paint by Numbers. (Student Work)2010Montgomery, Heath M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Speak For The Silent (Student Work)2010Peck, Samuel H.M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Like this you will live on forever: memory, the keepsake and the photograph (Student Work)2015Lowe, Marlowe JannelleM.F.A.Art, UNCG
To fabricate experience (Student Work)2015Sondberg, Brittany M.M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Weaving weave (Student Work)2015Woods, Stephanie J.M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Fingers, pelvis, and everything we do not know (Student Work)2015Xu, Lu M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Material adaptations (Student Work)2016Beck, Ivana M.M.F.A.Art, UNCG
Communicating with the spirit (Student Work)2016Brown, Inga KimberlyM.F.A.Art, UNCG
Big quiet (Student Work)2016Crary Gallas, Amanda M.F.A.Art, UNCG
The thing is (Student Work)2016Neely, Carmen M.F.A.Art, UNCG