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Suthaharan, Shan


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Wi-Fi 802.11 based mobile robotics positioning system 2007 720 "This thesis provides a method for finding a location of a mobile robot based on the signal strengths obtained from the IEEE 802.11 standard wireless Access Points. In this method a set of eight signal loss functions is proposed to enable the robot t...
Stabilizing RED queue oscillation using the logistic map in AutoRED mechanism 2009 634 Active queue management (AQM) is one of the ways to control congestion at Internet Routers. One of the widely used AQM's is the random early detection (RED) scheme. The RED scheme suffers from chaotic queue oscillation problem particularly in a highl...
eChirp: Measuring Available Bandwidth for the Internet Using Multiple Chirp Packet Trains 2008 940 Measuring available bandwidth over a network path in the Internet is a challenging research problem. In this thesis we have studied this problem and developed a new technique called "eChirp". First, the effectiveness of pathChirp [1] is studied in te...