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Lewallen, Lynne


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Perceived Genetic Knowledge of Pre-licensure Nursing Students 2008 1036 The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge base of nursing students regarding the topic of genetics and how this may change as a student progresses through the nursing program. A 70 item multiple-choice and dichotomous survey was given to ...
Infant feeding attitudes, feeding method choice and breastfeeding initiation among African American and Caucasian women 2011 3976 The primary purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between race and infant feeding attitude on the decision to breastfeed and breastfeeding initiation in African American and Caucasian women. The secondary purpose of this study was to ...
Parent education needs of infants with complex life-threatening illnesses 2013 95 Infant morbidity and mortality continues to be a significant problem in the U. S. Preterm birth and/or low birth weight and congenital anomalies are primary causes of infant morbidity and mortality. Analysis of an existing study was done on data from...