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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Developmental education and teacher training1977Sujjavanich, Pairin NateharnStudentEducation, UNCG
The development of a model for assessing quality learning experiences in elementary physical...1977Johnston, Jeanne LouiseStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The Development Of The Parole Success Scale1977Boykin, Lynn StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Detailed portraits1978Comer, Stanley DonnellStudentArt, UNCG
David Ross Locke, consistent advocate1978Taylor, Anita DianneStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
The development and effect of a multimedia presentation upon knowledges about a university g...1978Ferguson, Claudia JeanStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development and validation of a sport assertion scale1978Dailey, Jacqueline AnnStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The development of criteria for identifying music preferred by children with behavioral prob...1978Bowman, Jo Ann CurleeStudentMusic, UNCG
Direct Counts of Bacteria in the Sediments of a North Carolina Salt Marsh1978Rublee, Parke A.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Diatheke1978Arnette, Glenda FacultyHonors College, UNCP
A description of dyadic student/teacher interactions in the physical education activity clas...1979Brown, Janie P.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
A descriptive analysis of teacher augmented feedback given to university students in beginni...1979Cole, Judith L.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The Development Of A Neurotic Styles Inventory1979Siek, Beth D.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Development And Validation Of The Test Of Communicativeness1979Donahue, Blevin McIntoshStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Distinctive physical education teachers : personal qualities, perceptions of teacher educati...1980Earls, Neal FranklinStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Dr. Charles Buell : leader in physical education for the visually impaired1980Whitley, Patricia RiceStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
The Distribution Of Birds On A Peninsula In Lake Norman According To Floristic Communities1980Flory, Mark AllenStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Man for Others1980Cecil, Peggy D. FacultyReligion, UNCP
Donagan on Act and Agent Evaluations1980McConnell, Terrance C.FacultyPhilosophy, UNCG
A Developmental Study For The Assessment Of Communication In Everyday Situations1980Wren, Karen LeighStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
Development of visual species identification in ducklings: What is the role of imprinting?1981Johnston, Timothy FacultyArts and Sciences, UNCG
The design and implementation of a conceptual model for identifying gifted and talented stud...1981Guthrie, Wesley EugeneStudentEducation, UNCG
Discriminators of interest in family support programs among Air Force couples1981Brown, Richard JuliusStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Domestic Energy Policy And The Crude Oil Production Decline Curve1981Brooks, David WilliamStudentBusiness - Student, ASU
Deviations from optimal choice : skilled performance, feedback, and Bayesian decision making...1982Bauman, Richard AlexanderStudentPsychology, UNCG