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Airborne manganese exposure differentially affects end points of oxidative stress in an age-...2004Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Alterations of oxidative stress biomarkers due to In utero and neonatal exposures of airborn...2006Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Antagonism Of Endothelin Action Normalizes Altered Levels Of VEGF And Its Signaling In The B...2007Mowa, Chishimba Nathan FacultyBiology, ASU
Brainstorm Issue 22012Conchar, Iola StudentECU
Brainstorm Issue 22012Heilman, Taylor StudentECU
Brainstorm Issue 22012McGovern, Elizabeth StudentECU
Brainstorm Issue 22012Norris, Andrew StudentECU
Brainstorm Issue 22012Sheffer, Ellen StudentECU
Brainstorm Issue 22012Tran, Tuan StudentECU
Brainstorm Newsletter2011Conchar, Iola StudentECU
Brainstorm Newsletter2011Hazard, Robert StudentECU
Brainstorm Newsletter2011Lloyd, Dorothy StudentECU
Brainstorm Newsletter2011Sheffer, Ellen StudentECU
Brainstorm Newsletter2011Tran, Tuan StudentECU
Distribution of brain iron, ferritin and transferrin in the 28 day old piglet1998Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Duration of airborne-manganese exposure in rhesus monkeys is associated with brain regional ...2008Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Extracellular Norepinephrine, Norepinephrine Receptor and Transporter Protein and mRNA Level...2009Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Globus Pallidus: A target brain region for divalent metal accumulation due to dietary iron d...2004Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Hemispheric differences in color perception: relative versus absolute frequency levels, impl...2013McCormick, Michael StudentPsychology, UNCG
Implications of music and brain research.2002Hodges, Donald A. FacultyMusic Education, UNCG
Interactions between excessive manganese-exposure and dietary iron-deficiency in neurodegene...2005Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Manganese accumulates in iron deficient rat brain regions in a heterogeneous fashion and is ...2002Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Manganese Dosimetry: Species Differences and Implications for Neurotoxicity2005Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Manganese exposure alters extracellular GABA, GABA receptor and transporter protein and mRNA...2008Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Manganese Exposure and Induced Oxidative Stress in the Rat Brain2004Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG