Francine R. Johnston

**Interests: Emergent literacy, integrated language arts, children's literature, spelling **Education: University of Virginia

There are 6 included publications by Francine R. Johnston :

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Exploring classroom teachers’ spelling practices and beliefs. 2001 5649 Using three perspectives on spelling instruction (i.e., memorization, generalizations, and developmental) as a framework, teachers in grades 2 to 5 were interviewed to investigate the practices and beliefs about spelling instruction which exist in a ...
The reader, the text, and the task: Learning words in first grade 1998 5948 How do predictable texts fit with children's early reading experiences? In this article, Johnston explores three important factors in facilitating young children's word learning: the reader, the text, and the task.
Spelling exceptions: Problems or possibilities 2001 5056 Teachers who understand the patterns and complexities of English spelling can stimulate their students' interest in and mastery of printed language.
The timing and teaching of word families 1999 33970 Word family pattern recognition is a key to understanding the complexities of the English language. Teaching of the patterns is easier if you can recognize the readiness of your students.
The utility of phonic generalizations: Let’s take another look at Clymer’s conclusions 2001 11329 English orthography is not easily reduced to a few rules, but there are some general recommendations for teaching about vowels that can be helpful.
Word learning in predictable text. 2000 6588 Predictable text has become widely used for beginning readers but has not been the subject of much research. This study used predictable books to compare 3 reading treatments reflecting different components of a whole-to-part instructional model. In ...