Mindfulness meditation and personality effects on self-regulation in preschoolers

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Abstract: Research on self-regulation skills in preschool children shows lasting academic, economic, and psychological effects that may remain through adulthood. Children show large gains in these skills during the preschool age, making it an important time to intervene. There has been recent support for the use of meditation and other mindfulness activities to increase self-regulation in various age groups with the inclusion of preschoolers. Additionally, there has been growing support for using the Five Factor Model of personality to explain individual differences in the emergence of such skills. The present study sought to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of a mindfulness meditation program on preschool self-regulation skills. This study also sought to explore individual differences in the emergence of these and assess the relationship between two indirect measurements of self-regulation. Preschoolers (N=102) from a rural Appalachian Pre-K program were assigned to either 6 weeks of guided meditations led by their teacher or an active control group. Teachers completed a personality measure and two self-regulation measures, which were both completed pre- and post-intervention. Contrary to prior research, results indicated no significant interaction effect between time and intervention as both groups equally improved over the two periods. Additionally, there were no correlations between the two self-regulation measures, suggesting need for better measurement scales. Similar to the literature, this study did find an association between the five factors of personality and the different aspects of self-regulation.

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Language: English
Date: 2018
Meditation, Mindfulness, Personality, Preschoolers, Self-Regulation
Mindfulness (Psychology)
Meditation for children
Preschool children -- Psychology
Self-control in children

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