Synthesis and characterization of Ln(BTFA)3DMPHEN complexes (Ln= Eu3+, Er3+, Ho3+, Tb3+, Tm3+,AND Yb3+, BTFA=4,4,4-triflouro-1-phenyl-1,3-butanedione,dmphen=4,7-dimethyl-1,10-phenathroline) and sol-gel materials for potential optical applications

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Channa De Silva

Abstract: Lanthanide-based materials are attractive candidates for the use in light emitting devices, immunoassays, and in-vitro cellular imaging technologies. Their superior luminescent properties include sharp emission bands arising from f-f electronic transitions and longer luminescence lifetimes compared to traditional organic dyes. Major problems in biological applications are the toxicity, stability, and the delivery of insoluble lanthanide chelators to targeted cells. Silica encapsulation of the lanthanide chelators provides a promising approach to minimize the toxicity and improve the dispersion of the lanthanide chelators in an aqueous environment with higher stability. This research is focused on the synthesis of novel lanthanide(III) complexes and their silica-based solgel materials. Lanthanide complexes have the general formula of Ln(btfa)3(dmphen) where btfa = 4, 4, 4-trifluoro-1-phenyl-1,3-butanedione and dmphen = 4,7-dimethyl,1,10-phenanthroline. All complexes demonstrate the common formula, Ln(btfa)3(dmphen) where Ln= Eu3+,Er3+, Tb3+, Ho3+, Tm3+, and Yb3+. Eu3+ and Tb3+ complexes emit red and green light, respectively, whereas Er3+, Ho3+, and Yb3+ complexes have near-infrared emission characteristics. The molecular structures of the complexes were characterized using single crystals X-ray diffraction studies. The complexes and sol-gel materials were characterized using absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy, and ICP-OES studies. Structural and the luminescent properties of the complexes are discussed.

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Language: English
Date: 2016
Rare earth metals -- Imaging
Fluorescence spectroscopy
Luminescent probes

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