Childhood psychological abuse and neglect, personality traits and adulthood relationship quality

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Abstract: Childhood psychological abuse, psychological neglect, and physical neglect areincreasingly common, pervasive forms of maltreatment, and the effects are often enduring intoadulthood. These types of maltreatment may influence personality traits, and similarly,underlying personality traits may influence how a child reacts to their maltreatment. Onesignificant known effect of psychological abuse and psychological and physical neglect is itseffect on adulthood interpersonal functioning, specifically within romantic relationships. Thus,the present study explored the relationships between these three forms of childhoodmaltreatment, personality traits, and adulthood romantic relationship quality.College students (N = 149) from a southeastern regional college completedquestionnaires pertaining to childhood maltreatment, personality, and perceived relationshipquality. Results indicated that, for the total sample, childhood maltreatment was correlated withcertain personality factors as well as specific facets within these factors. Results also indicatednegative correlations between childhood maltreatment and relationship quality. Contrary to priorresearch, results did not indicate significant relationships between most personality factors andrelationship quality. Results are suggestive of the different impacts these specific forms ofchildhood maltreatment may have on both personality and relationship quality.

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Language: English
Date: 2015
Child abuse -- Psychological aspects
Psychological child abuse
Adult child abuse victims -- Psychology
Interpersonal relations -- Psychological aspects

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