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Aboard Ship on Way to States by Carr Hooper (Student Work)2016Harden, Sarah WCU
Aboard Ship on Way to States by Carr Hooper (Student Work)2016Hawley, Craig WCU
Aboard Ship on Way to States by Carr Hooper (Student Work)2016Hufham, Scott WCU
Aboard Ship on Way to States by Carr Hooper (Student Work)2016Patterson, Laura WCU
Aboard Ship on Way to States by Carr Hooper (Student Work)2016Williams, Margaret WCU
A case study of first year implementation of positive behavioral interventions and supports ... (Student Work)2013Deutsch, Alex JeffreySpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Changing the social environment in an elementary school to reduce dropout predictors for Afr... (Student Work)2011Edwards, Leah RoseSpecialist Degree in School PsychologyWCU
Children's perceptions of personal attributes of female teachers with a tattoo (Student Work)2015Simons, Melanie LynnSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Describing and increasing the resiliency of middle grade students in a small charter school ... (Student Work)2010Jacobs, Amy ElizabethSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Differences in academic achievement and academic self-concept based on intellectual ability,... (Student Work)2010Pruett, Kristin ElizabethSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Differences in personality beliefs of emerging adults in two distinct online asexual communi... (Student Work)2014Toole, Kevin SamuelSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Differences in quality of romantic relationships in college females based on family status :... (Student Work)2010Sessoms, Carrie AnneSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Editing Project: Josephina Niggli (Student Work)2015Thomas, T. A. Master of ArtsWCU
Edition of Kephart’s Letter (#7) (Student Work)2015Meadows, Erin W. Master of ArtsWCU
The effect of moral reconation therapy on adolescents in a group home setting (Student Work)2011Evans, Ashley JaneSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
The effects of the font Dyslexie on oral reading fluency skills in students grades 8 through... (Student Work)2014Ramsey, Jessie RaeSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
The effects of videogames on clinical measures of attention, processing speed, and working m... (Student Work)2014Patton, Russell DrewSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Elementary school teachers' perspectives on learning styles, sense of efficacy, and self-the... (Student Work)2012Kilpatrick, Jeffrey ToddSpecialist of School PsychologyWCU
Establishing evidence for the validity for a measure of idealization of adolescent pregnancy... (Student Work)2014Stroupe, Laurie PendletonSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Gender differences in college students' self-report of personality (Student Work)2013Grant, Colleen MarieSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Homework and stress : differences in experiences based on sex and diagnosis of learning disa... (Student Work)2011Petesch, Lisa MarieSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Impact of response to intervention training on teacher and school outcomes (Student Work)2010Rogers, Melinda Anne SmithSpecialist in School PsychologyWCU
Introduction to E. Berkley Bowie’s Letter of January 3, 1919 (Student Work)2015Huber, Jason Master of ArtsWCU
Josephine Niggli’s Letter to Family -­- June, 20th 1935 (Student Work)2015Roberts, Corrine Master of ArtsWCU
Kephart Letters (6) (Student Work)2015Talarico, Tessa Master of ArtsWCU