Terran Saine

Terran Saine is an undergraduate student at WCU majoring in Psychology with an expected graduation date of May 2020. She has worked with faculty in the Psychology department on topics such as predictors of suicide attempts, and core personality traits in relation to disordered eating symptomatology. Terran has been accepted to Western Carolina University’s M.A. program in clinical psychology for the fall of 2020 where she will continue to pursue her current research interests in eating disorders, mood disorders, and related issues particularly in emerging adults.

There are 1 included publications by Terran Saine :

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Associations Between Thwarted Belongingness and the MMPI-2RF 2020 80 Thwarted belongingness is a multidimensional construct that is composed of loneliness and the absence of reciprocally caring relationships and is a noted component of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide (Van Orden et al., 2010). This construct is a d...