Exploring computer visualization as an effective tool to overcome communication barriers among nonprofit stakeholders

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Travis Hicks

Abstract: Nonprofit organizations make a significant contribution to each community's society and economic life. It is critical to aid and ensure that these organizations continue to meet their aims and serve their communities. This is accomplished by identifying the obstacles and difficulties that these types of organizations encounter and attempting to find solutions or assistance that will enable them to survive and grow. The fundamental challenge for these organizations is financial sustainability, as they are often not funded and supported by governments and do not engage in profit-generating activities, completely exposing them to activity expenses and economic ups and downs in the marketplace. Nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising activities and donations from the general public, and in order to secure sufficient funding sources, they must plan intelligent promotion and introduction as a marketing attempt to demonstrate what they do and how their objectives can assist communities in resolving social and environmental problems and the ultimate positive impact it will have on the life quality in those communities. According to the literature review, there is a strong correlation between the use of visual presentation of ideas and the more significant comprehension of those ideas by other people. This study will demonstrate that individuals communicate and respond more favorably with nonprofits that employ some form of visual presentation to communicate their objectives and ideas rather than verbal and textual means to communicate. Finally, incorporating visual presentation in the form of computer graphics such as 3-D Renderings and video Animation into the capital campaigning process significantly increases the likelihood of increased participation from current stakeholders and the general public, resulting in the development and ongoing objectives of those organizations and improved community service.

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Language: English
Date: 2022
Capital campaigning, Computer visualization, Marketing, Nonprofit, Visual communication
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Visual communication
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