Propositional Quantification and the Prosentential Theory of Truth

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Michael Zimmerman, Professor and Philosophy Pre-Law Concentration Advisor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: In their paper 'A prosentential theory of truth' Grover, Camp and Belnap propound a theory of truth which is essentially a modified version of Ramsey's redundancy theory of truth. In this paper I shall not seek to deter-mine whether or not the prosentential theory is true; rather I shall attempt to show that its proponents' argument for its plausibility breaks down at certain crucial points, most notably when they discuss the matter of propositional quantification. In the first section of this paper I shall give a brief account of the prosentential theory of truth as expounded by Grover, Camp and Belnap; in the second section I shall lodge three main complaints against the theory so expounded.

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Philosophical Studies, 34 (1978): 253-265
Language: English
Date: 1978
truth, redundancy theory, prosentential theory, propositional quantification

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