Fixed interval reinforcement for a situational response

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Richard L. Shull

Abstract: The present study examined fixed interval reinforcement of a situational response in a shuttlebox for pigeons. In Experiment 1 the response, being in the responding color, was reinforced on an FI schedule and compared with behavior generated by a fixed time schedule. For the FI schedules reinforcement did not interrupt responding, and the bird began the interval in the responding color. The pause-respond pattern of behavior typically observed with fixed interval schedules of reinforcement was not observed, and the birds tended to remain in the responding color throughout the interval. The manipulations in Experiment 2 were designed to evaluate the importance of several features inherent Ln a discrete response schedule for generating FI schedule control in more general situations. Two modified situational responses and a discrete shuttle response were reinforced on FI schedules. Pause-respond patterning was observed for each of the schedules, and no significant difference was noted between the schedules when the proportion of the total responding was plotted for successive quarters of the fixed interval.

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Language: English
Date: 1974
Reinforcement (Psychology)
Wild birds as laboratory animals

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