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Mariam Stephan

Abstract: This thesis is written to accompany and support my ideas behind the final thesis show, Object Lessons, and my remaining work to date. The collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings together with the way they are displayed are strongly connected by ideas of intersections with music and with systems. Systems of language, musical notation, numeric notation all have a place in my work as catalysts for flights of imagination. To give physical form to abstract ideas is an important aspect of my work. I have worked within a restricted color palette, one based on earth pigments, avoiding the bright cadmium colors of a contemporary palette. Yellow Ochre, Raw Siena, Mars Black, Titanium White and Naples Red are the staples in my paint-box. Most of my ideas of color derive from looking at ancient ruins in Pompeii and the Domus Aurea in Rome. I love ancient history, and the three UNCG trips to Florence, Rome and Venice have brought my attention to the remains of pigment in ancient ruins, more specifically in Pompeii and the Domus Aurea in Rome. Ancient ruins are tied to my content by way of the remnants of the found objects I use. None of the objects are intact. They have been distorted in various ways. They are completely removed from their functional use. I am interested in the history of painting and in the origins of things and ideas. Although it is not at all necessary to prepare rabbit skin glue in a double boiler to prepare a canvas for a contemporary work, I feel connected to the past, to past painters for whom this ritual was part and parcel of their artistic life. I think of my work to date as situated within the post-minimalists of the 1970’s, with an ancient color palette and contemporary ideas of objects made and found. Robert Ryman, Agnus Martin and the artist, philosopher and social critic, Issa Samb are artists to whom I have been indebted. Ryman and Martin helped me to pay attention to the making of my work, be it in the process and/or through careful attention to materials. Samb has taught me to see and think about objects differently. He has helped me to understand objects as having a life, a history, and how they are capable of being in relationship to other objects and people in the world. I add to the post-minimalist conversation my use of music as a catalyst for ideas and by using materials from the contemporary world.

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Language: English
Date: 2018
Contemporary Painting, Found objects, Systems and Data
Painting, Modern $y 21st century
Found objects (Art)
Art and music

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