Cello Music since 1960: A Bibliography of Solo, Chamber, and Orchestral Works

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Sarah B. Dorsey, Head of the Harold Schiffman Music Library (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: Donald Homuth, cellist and Professor Emeritus of Music at San Jose University, began work on his bibliography of twentieth- century cello music during a sabbatical leave in 1974. Now, twenty years later, his work has come to fruition. The duration of the project is matched by the extent of the materials covered; the volume lists more than 5,200 works by 3,100 different composers. To organize this mass of information, Homuth has devised eighteen categories based on instrumentation, ranging from the 2,119- item "cello and piano" section to the 10-item list for cello and accordion. Other categories include cello and harpsichord; organ; harp; guitar or related instrument; percussion; tape or electronics; orchestra; chamber orchestra; string orchestra; wind orchestra; ten to nineteen instrument chamber works; two to nine instrument chamber works; nonwestern instruments; non-instrumental accompaniments (i.e. dancer, narrators, chorus, etc.); and miscellaneous. This arrangement should make it easy for a cellist to find a piece for even the most challenging of instrumental combinations.

Additional Information

Fontes Artis Musicae 42, No. 4: 381-2
Language: English
Date: 1995
Book review, cello, piano, arrangements, non-instrumental accompaniments

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