Would You Date a Person who Stutters? College Students Respond

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify attitudes toward dating a person who stutters (PWS) held by college students. One hundred and thirty-two college students responded to a 19-item questionnaire. Survey items included questions about participants’ familiarity with persons who stutter, family and/or personal history of stuttering, knowledge of stuttering behaviors, beliefs about the cause of stuttering, whether they would date a person who stutters, and factors that would influence their decision to date or not date a PWS. Results indicated that approximately 30 percent of respondents stated they would date a person who stuttered. Approximately half of the participants were unsure if they would date a PWS and would base their decision on the personality, severity of stuttering, the physical attractiveness and intelligence of the PWS. Findings suggest that at least three of the four factors cited by participants as important in their decision to date someone who stutters can, to varying degrees, be modified by the PWS (i.e., personality, stuttering severity, and appearance). These are potential treatment outcome goals for many PWS and should be explored by the client and clinician as part of the process of therapeutic change.

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Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy & Research, 4(1) 145-155.
Language: English
Date: 2010
Stuttering, Stammering, College students, Attitudes, Dating, Relationships,

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