Beyond prison walls : developing criteria to evaluate the equitable implementation of the ban-the-box policy

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Tyler Synclaire Clark (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Aileen Reid

Abstract: The BTB policy is purported to create equitability in the hiring process for justice-involved persons by delaying the disclosure of criminal history to a later point in the hiring process (Doleac, 2016). Previous research designs of BTB policies mainly focused on quantitative methodological techniques. While the methods used to support research on BTB policies have advanced in recent years, most studies have acknowledged issues with discrimination and implicit bias which could be further investigated and nuanced with qualitative methodologies. This study used a qualitative approach through semi-structured interviews and policy document reviews to assess the BTB policy from HR professionals and a sample of BTB resolutions from cities and counties in North Carolina. The results of this study revealed that BTB policies are implemented in various contexts and at various times throughout the state of North Carolina. This variability creates ambiguity and confusion with HR professionals' conceptualization and understanding of the BTB policies. With this lack of understanding, it is difficult to determine the merit, worth, or value of the BTB policies, although participants indicated that they may unknowingly or knowingly utilize BTB practices in their hiring process. Using the conceptual framework of Teasdale's (2021) model, evaluative criteria can be developed to assess the implementation of the BTB policy and ultimately improve future evaluations and assessments of the BTB policies across jurisdictions and levels.

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Language: English
Date: 2023
BTB, Criteria, Discrimination, Equity, Evaluation, Justice
Ex-convicts $x Employment $z North Carolina
Discrimination in employment $z North Carolina

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