Evaluation of the Lewis rat as a model of periodontitis: a preliminary study

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Abstract: Strategies for prevention and treatment of periodontitis are lacking due to difficulty studying this disease in a controlled clinical environment and the lack of suitable animal models. In this study, the Lewis rat was evaluated as a potential model of periodontitis. It was hypothesized that the Lewis rat, when provided a high sucrose/high casein diet (H-SC) long-term (23 weeks), will develop characteristics of periodontitis. This study evaluated: 1) gene expression of local inflammation, disease progression, and bacterial infection in the gingival and alveolar mucosa tissue; 2) gene expression of systemic inflammation in the liver; and 3) metabolic endpoints of body composition, bone densitometric endpoints, and serum leptin and insulin levels. Additionally, age-related differences were evaluated between old control rats and young (6 weeks old) control rats. Interleukin-6 was 2-fold higher in gingival tissue of the old H-SC fed rats when compared to old control rats. No other differences between the old H-SC fed rats and old control rats were found for any other genes in gingival or alveolar mucosa tissue or in the liver. Metabolic endpoints of the old H-SC group were significantly higher in only bone mineral density (5% higher) and liver mass (10% higher) compared to old control rats. Two-fold higher levels of RANKL gene expression and markedly lower metabolic endpoints were evident in young control rats when compared to old control rats, as was expected due to the ~5 month age difference. In conclusion, this animal model developed mild periodontitis. Furthermore, there was no age-related differences between old control rats and young control rats in periodontal endpoints.

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Language: English
Date: 2015
Animal model, High sucrose/casein diet, Lewis rat, Periodontitis
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