Stories of sustainability concerning school-wide technology integration

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Abstract: This study explored school-wide technology integration at two sites where traditional barriers to technology were minimized. Traditional barriers include access to technology and support to integrate technology. A school-wide technology integration model was introduced at both sites ten years ago. Now, ten years later, what is being sustained? In particular, what were the stories of sustainability concerning school-wide technology integration. What afforded and constrained technology integration over the course of ten years? Data were collected via interviews, observations, and document analysis at two sites within the same southern state over periods of five and four days. Participants were purposively sampled based on the number of years employed at each site. I interviewed faculty members who were present during initial implementation to the extent possible. Additionally I interviewed school-level administration and the media coordinator, regardless of number of years at the sites as they were key stakeholders within the model being implemented. Looking at each site independently and then looking across sites yielded much information. The first site, Basking Elementary, was having a difficult time sustaining implementation. While there were literally signs stating the model was at the school, in practice it was much harder to see evidence. Faculty members interviewed spoke of difficulties implementing the model but also of the benefits of the model. At the second site, implementation was strong and had in fact spread to other schools within the district. Teachers spoke of frustrations with the model, but integration was continuing. Adequate funding is crucial as is professional development geared toward new faculty, including new leadership, and explaining the how and why of the model is important to sustain the work begun ten years ago. Teacher-buy in, generated by engaged leadership, and developing a cohesive school culture is also important to sustaining technology integration over time.

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Language: English
Date: 2013
Culture, Technology
Educational technology $v Case studies

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