A mesoscale geophysical capability/suitability model for Vitis vinifera vineyard site selection in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad region, case study: Rockingham County NC

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Abstract: The North Carolina wine industry is growing at a fast pace; many new vineyards are being planted with European varieties. Vitis vinifera varieties in general are the most challenging species of grape grown and the cost of vineyard establishment is high. While many grapes are native to North Carolina, V. vinifera are not; they require considerable effort to consistently produce good quality grapes for wine making. The challenges of growing V. vinifera in this region are primarily due to the warm humid climate which encourages the presence of many insect pests as well as a broad host of viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. When these risks are considered alongside the possibilities of late spring frost and heavy rain from harvest time tropical systems, it is apparent that there is a need for a system which mitigates these risks and helps guide the choices for vineyard location. The model produced in this research was designed to help guide site selection for V. vinifera vineyard sites in the North Carolina Piedmont. The area of interest for this case study is Rockingham County North Carolina. The primary goal is to give the prospective vineyard operator every opportunity for success by choosing the best possible place to establish a vineyard. This is accomplished using a model based on the science of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) along with predictive geophysical parameters. The model consists of four physical sub model composites which represent the capability/suitability of: climate, land cover, soil, and topography. Using the concepts of map algebra, the four sub model composites are combined to produce the final output that summarizes the physical site suitability of the study area at a spatial resolution of 10 meters.

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Language: English
Date: 2013
Geography, GIS, North Carolina, Rockingham County, Viticulture, Vitis vinifera
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Viticulture $z North Carolina $z Rockingham County
Wine industry $z North Carolina $z Rockingham County

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