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"...While the music lasts" : the timeless moment in the modern quest for unity (Student Work)1971Beamon, Glenda WardEducation, UNCG
Aeschylus' Agamemnon : a translation (Student Work)1966Derkics, Dorothy J.Classical Civilization, UNCG
Afro-Orientalism: An Exploration of the Relationship Between African Americans and the Japan... (Student Work)2020Lewis, Alana E.B.A.English, UNCG
Aid to and from Family by Immigrants in College (Student Work)2019Harris, Jonathan A.B.A.Sociology, UNCG
Alexander Herzen : a study (Student Work)1959Long, Jacqueline History, UNCG
The American immigrant in fiction (Student Work)1963Hicks, Gayle VenableHistory, UNCG
Amid Hostilities and Destruction: North Carolina Women and Their Impact on the American Revo... (Student Work)2012Mozingo, Kimberly History, UNCG
Analysis of Development in Strains of the Plant Arabidopsis thaliana in Altered Gravity Cond... (Student Work)2021Osareh, Melika B.S.Biology, UNCG
An analysis of the ghost motif in some nineteenth and twentieth century short stories (Student Work)1952Poplin, Elizabeth English, UNCG
An Analysis of the Growth of the Palm Oil Industry in Sumatra, Indonesia: As Detected by Sat... (Student Work)2019Lloyd, Shannon B.A.Geography, UNCG
Analyzing Sex and Gender Identity through Attire, Behavior, and Environment in Virginia Wool... (Student Work)2021O'Hern, Sarah Jean B.A.English, UNCG
Andrew Marvell : the most eclectic poet (Student Work)1964Thomas, Carolyn FayEnglish, UNCG
Anxiety and its Effect on Sympathetic Nervous System Reactivity to Psychosocial Stress in Yo... (Student Work)2021Riker, Kayleigh R.B.S.Psychology, UNCG
Application of linear programming techniques to minimax approximation (Student Work)1969Evans, Mary ElizabethMathematics, UNCG
Application of scaling techniques to data on value orientations (Student Work)1953Maney, Ann C.Sociology, UNCG
Art and the Aesthetic of Graphic Novels as Seen in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (Student Work)2014Wolfe, Nicole C.B.A.English, UNCG
The attempted construction and validation of a test for scientific aptitude (Student Work)1958Boyd, Nancy TharringtonPsychology, UNCG
Attempts at the formation of a European system for the preservation of peace in the seventee... (Student Work)1948Funderburk, Nancy BeamHistory, UNCG
An Attractiveness Halo on Perceived Friendliness is Stronger for Direct versus Averted Gaze ... (Student Work)2022Diaz, Brendan A.B.S.Psychology, UNCG
Babeuf : a Communist in a non-Communist conspiracy (Student Work)1967Kanipe, Esther SueHistory, UNCG
The behavior therapy systems of Joseph Wolpe and Hans Eysenck (Student Work)1967Rice, Shelby Psychology, UNCG
Benefits of Sensory Gardens to Promote Inclusive Play (Student Work)2018Rodriguez, Norma E.B.S.Community and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG
Beverly Hillbilly: Fat, Queer, and Pink in the Shadow of Appalachia (Student Work)2022Nease, Mary B.S. Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG
The birth of a controversy : the presidency of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman (Student Work)1965Williams, Linda MiddletonHistory, UNCG
Black Moms Matter – A Literature Review of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Black Women (Student Work)2021Talavera, Julie E.B.S.Nursing, UNCG