Arndt Niebisch

I joined the faculty of UNC Greensboro in the fall of 2007. I am originally from Unna, a small town close to the Ruhrgebiet - the former steel and coal center of Germany. After completing my Abitur, I studied German Philology, Philosophy, and History at the University of M√ľnster. In 1999, I moved to Baltimore and began my graduate studies at the Department of German at the Johns Hopkins University, which I completed with a dissertation about the "Noise" aesthetics of Italian Futurism and German Dada in 2007. I have taught a wide range of courses from introductory German and Italian language classes up to advanced literature and culture seminars discussing the impact of technology, philosophy, and science on artistic production. In my research I am especially interested in the intersection of science, technology and literature. I am currently working on a book manuscript discussing the influence of media technology on the European avant-garde.