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Mary B. Hall-Brown

Ms. Hall-Brown's research area has been in agricultural research and analysis using GIS technology, image processing, and cartographic visualization. She has worked on projects concerning the interaction of such variables as soil constituents, surface and ground water parameters, weather variables, farming practices, and agricultural product characteristics. Her analyses, as cartographic representations, have been included within studies presented to the Scientific Advisory Panel of the EPA. She received the G. Herbert Stout Award for exemplary student paper at the 2001 North Carolina GIS Conference. She has also received awards from the Gulf Coast Geological Association and the Mayo Foundation.

There are 2 included publications by Mary B. Hall-Brown :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Comparison of Digital Image Processing Techniques for Classifying Arctic Tundra 2010 118 The arctic tundra vegetation classified in the study area, Toolik Lake Field Station, Alaska, was relatively small in stature (with varying species growing in clusters) and must therefore be placed in different communities. This study compared differ...
The earth observing one (EO-1) Hyperion and Advanced land imager sensors for use in tundra classification studies within the Upper Kuparuk river basin, Alaska 2012 1864 The heterogeneity of Arctic vegetation can make land cover classification very difficult when using medium to small resolution imagery (Schneider et al., 2009; Muller et al., 1999). Using high radiometric and spatial resolution imagery, such as the S...