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HsuanFang Hung

  • Specialized Education Services, UNCG

There are 3 included publications by HsuanFang Hung :

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A cross-cultural comparison of services for young children with disabilities using the ACEI Global Guidelines Assessment (GGA). 2011 107 Because young children with special needs frequently experience unequal access to quality education worldwide, understanding characteristics of services currently provided to them is critical to identifying practices that work as well as gaps in serv...
A hermeneutic phenomenology study of schooling experiences of Lumbee indian students with high incidence disabilities 2011 1657 Dropout issue among ethnic minority students with disabilities has been a major issue for educational professionals in several decades. Among all student groups, American Indian students with disabilities continue to show a higher disproportionate re...
Investigating the psychometric properties of the ACEI global guidelines assessment (GGA) in four countries. 2013 52 The ACEI Global Guidelines Assessment (GGA) was developed to provide an international assessment tool that can be used by early childhood educators to develop, assess, and improve program quality worldwide. This pilot study was conducted in four coun...