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Eileen C. Miller

Eileen Miller received her BA in Home Economics from St. Angela’s College in Ireland, a BS in Nutrition and Wellness, and a Masters in Public Health from UNCG. Eileen also has several years experience in the health insurance industry, gaining first-hand experience of the cost of care for patients and employer groups. Her research interests include health promotion for individuals with chronic disease; worksite health promotion; and health promotion for individuals encountering barriers as a result of literacy, culture and disability.

There are 2 included publications by Eileen C. Miller :

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Factors Associated with Misperception of Weight in the Stroke Belt 2008 470 BACKGROUND: Understanding the reasons for over-weight and obesity is critical to addressing the obesity epidemic. Often the decision to lose weight is based as much on one’s self-perception of being overweight as on inherent health benefits. OBJECTI...
Health Promotion in the Public Sector: A Case Study from Policy to Practice 2009 523 Employee wellness programs are popular among employers because they have the potential to lead to positive outcomes for the employees and the organization. Moving from a public policy to local implementation, or the process of "operationalizing," pre...