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Steven C. Fordahl

There are 2 included publications by Steven C. Fordahl :

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Effects of manganese exposure and antioxidant therapy on oxidative stress and stereotypic behaviors in rats 2009 1326 Manganese (Mn) is an essential dietary element required for several important physiological processes. However, accumulation of Mn due to excessive environmental exposure is known to pose neurological health concerns that manifest as movement abnorma...
Waterborne Manganese Exposure Alters Plasma, Brain, and Liver Metabolites Accompanied by Changes in Stereotypic Behaviors 2012 369 Overexposure to waterborne manganese (Mn) is linked with cognitive impairment in children and neurochemical abnormalities in other experimental models. In order to characterize the threshold between Mn-exposure and altered neurochemistry, it is impor...