Annie Wilson Davis

  • Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG

There are 2 included publications by Annie Wilson Davis :

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Australia’s Campfires, Caves, and Watering Holes: Educators on ISTE's Australian Study Tour Discovered How to Create New Learning and Teaching Environments where Curriculum and Instructional Tools Meet the Digital Age 2013 436 A group of 17 educators visited the Australian Council for Computers in Education conference (ACCE) to learn more about educational technology in pedagogy.
Syncing up with the iKid: portrait of seven high school teacher leaders transforming the American high school through a digital conversion of teaching and learning 2009 3121 The purpose of this qualitative study was to focus on the journey of seven high school teacher leaders striving to "sync up" with their students by implementing a one-to-one, mobile computing, teaching and learning, reform initiative. This case study...