Phoebe L Briley

There are 10 included publications by Phoebe L Briley :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Embedded 2007 752 Image file
Engine Block 2007 711 Image File
Gale 2007 702 Image file
Gearshift 2007 665 Image file
Incomming 2007 711 Image file
New perceptions of a transformed shoreline 2007 745 "As I revisit a location that is layered with my own personal history, I find myself perceiving this space very differently than I did as a child. In examining this place as an adult, I find that it is no longer the pristine beach that I recognize fr...
Rubble 2007 1352 Image file
Shellpoint 2007 633 Image file
Southeast Jetty 2007 829 Image file
Tirescape 2007 725 Image file