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Stephanie Anne Antolak

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG

There are 2 included publications by Stephanie Anne Antolak :

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Characterization of PksS in Bacillus subtilis 2007 993 "Cytochrome P450s are a common type of the polyketide tailoring enzymes that are responsible for the hydroxylation of polyketides. PksS, a likely tailoring enzyme, is found within the gene cluster pksX, from Bacillus subtilis. The gene cluster was fo...
PksS from Bacillus subtilis is a cytochrome P450 involved in bacillaene metabolism 2007 412 As part of the pksX gene cluster of Bacillus subtilis strain 168, pksX has been preliminarily annotated as a cytochrome P450 homolog that hydroxylates the polyketide product of this cluster, which was recently shown to be involved in th...